Jeri-MAX Episode 50 (VORTEX)
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Promotion Jeri-MAX
Date November 24th, 2012
Venue Jeri-MAX VORTEX Arena
City Philadelphia, PA
Theme Song TBD
Last Event Jeri-MAX Eastern 14
Next Event Jeri-MAX Episode 51 (WARP)

JMAX 50 (Also referred to as The Jeri-MAX 50th Episode Celebration), was a CAW event for the Jeri-MAX CAW League run by BigJerichool222. The 6-Part event was first streamed sometime in September 2012 on by new Legacy inc, before being uploaded to YouTube on a later date.

However, after Jericho's computer died, combined with computer problems for Homer as well, the show was put on hiatus for an additional 2 months. The show was eventually aired on November 24th, 2012 at

The event celebrates the 3 Seasons of Jeri-MAX's 50 WARP and VORTEX episodes. It featured numerous guest cameos from various personalities in both CAW and Jeri-MAX's past, as well as gave nods and appreciation of some of Jeri-MAX's past stars and gimmicks. 10 matches were scheduled for the event, though 15 took place, as well as a wedding between The Artist Formerly Known as Winter Bradleys and Rachel Reilly. The main event was Lamarell McDaniel defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Pacman Jones.

# Results Stipulations
1 Kevin Nash & Huff Daddy def. D-Generation X Tag Team Match
2 "Genie's Boy" Dylan Connell def. Evan Redcourne White Man Open Challenge
3 Paca wins 12-Diva Battle Royal, last eliminating Jennifer Hudson (c) NEW Jeri-MAX Women's Champion
4 John Cena def. Lucas Gomez Anti-WWE Crusade Open Challenge
5 Steven Santos def. Dorf Liggleton (c) NEW Jeri-MAX European Champion
6 Johnny & Batista def. The Cuban Penile Crisis Tag Team Match
7 Vince McSeven def. Biff Andreas Singles Match
8 Elevensai def. Kolton Jerbs Singles Match
9 King Matt Eichorn def. Danny Jackpot Pokemon Battle: #1 Contender's Match for World Title
10 Chris Jericho def. David "A-List" Otunga Singles Match
11 Aladdin Hassan def. Alberto Del Rio (c) NEW Jeri-MAX Intercontinental Champion
12 Alberto Del Rio def. Skippy Pearls NEW Jeri-MAX Intercontinental Champion
13 ❄ & Rachel Bradleys def. Team 19 (KAMA & Edge) Tag Team Match
14 Bludgeon def. Jason Narvy Impromptu Open Challenge
Main Lamarell McDaniel (c) def. Pacman Jones Jeri-MAX World Heavyweight Championship