Jacob Algar is a CAW Wrestler and a convicted felon who served prison time for rape. His targets were said to be young, attractive blondes.

Jacob Algar
Fully Forceful
Names Jacob "Fully Forceful" Algar
Height 6'0
Weight 240 lbs
Born February 6th, 1955
Birthplace West Allis, Wisconsin
Died {{{death_date}}}
Resides West Allis, Wisconsin
Billed from From Prison
Trained by Brent Delivine's Shoot Project
New-NAW/AWP Independent Training Facility
Debut 2014
Retired {{{retired}}}

Training with the Shoot Project

Jacob "Fully Forceful" Algar shortly after being released from prison would seek out Brent Harvanator in order to train at his Shoot Project wrestling school. Although he excelled in the ring, and performed well with the other students and trainers, the school refuses to acknowledge his training at the very prestigious school due to his upbringings as a rapist.

Personal Info

Jacob Algar started as a young man in his youth who had a steady job, and a beautiful girlfriend who would sadly, leave him for a another man. Jacob Algar would spend the rest of his days stalking victims whom looked like his ex girlfriend. He would soon be brought to justice when he was arrested on several charges of rape. He was let out thirty years later where he decided to pursuit a career as a professional wrestler.

In Wrestling

Title History


  • The Cherry Popper - (Spear)
  • Unconsensual Suplex - (Hanging Vertical Suplex)
  • Statuatory Elbow - (Elbow Drop off the top rope)


Nirvana - Rape Me

Jacob Algar of the Shoot Project

Jacob "Fully Forceful" Algar making his way to the ring.

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