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Jacob Cass
Names Jacob Cass
Height 6'4(Default Cass)
Weight 241 lbs(Default Cass)
Born  ???
Birthplace Baton Rouge,Louisiana(Default Cass)
Resides  ???
Billed from  ???
Trained by NXT (Pro: Rey Mysterio)
Debut November 22, 2011

Jacob Cass is Caw in the Road to WrestleMania mode of WWE video game WWE '12. He is currently in ARW & New-WWE on the Smackdown Brand.

Cass comes in a variety of diffrent looks (which does include Body and Face morphing diffrences within diffrent leagues) due to Cass being a CAW that is needed to be made within the Road to Wrestlemania mode of WWE'12. This also means information for Jacob Cass (such as Weight, Height, Date of Birth, Where his from, etc) will differ too. Because of the flexibility involved with the character, each Jacob Cass is to be considered a completely different person unless stated otherwise; even if multiple feds happen to use the same design for the character.

Vivianverse LeaguesEdit


New-WWE RawEdit

He debuted on New-WWE Superstars, defeating Jacob Marley . On Episode 200 of New-WWE Raw, Cass won a Six Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal also featuring The Miz, John Cena, Dorf Liggleton, CM Punk, and Alberto Del Rio to earn a shot at the WWE Championship at New-WWE Backlash 6. On Episode 201 of New-WWE Raw, Cass teamed with John Cena taking on Alberto Del Rio and The Miz in a losing effort.

In Wrestling:Edit

Current Finishers and Signature Moves:Edit


  • Brainbuster
  • Superkick

Signature MovesEdit

  • Crucifix
  • Moonsault

Championships and other accomplishments:Edit

New WWE:Edit

Entrance Themes Edit

The many faces of Jacob Cass:Edit

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