Jacob Marley
Names Jacob Marley
Height 6'3
Weight 220 lbs
Born May 21, 1989 (Age 22)
Birthplace Arlington,Texas
Billed from
Trained by Foghorn Sanders
Debut 2001
Jacob Marley is a CAW owned by Burb and wrestles in SDA and New-WWE.

Early Days

Jacob Marley was a CAW found on CAW Wiki who used to have a hilariously bad page. It was just the profile box and that stupid ass picture of a kid playing Xbox.

Superstar Development Alliance

Jacob Marley would make his debut in SDA in a Fatal Four Way, facing Spitfire, Happy Vim and RKO, which


In New-WWE

Spitifre would be successful in. Marley would then score his first win in SDA, defeating Jason Matthews and RKO on SDA 4. Jacob Marley would then face off against Kosmo Thomas, but would be defeated when Kosmo Thomas hit the Doctor Bomb on Marley.

Jacob Marley would take part in the match to determine the first SDA World Champion, but would be the first to be eliminated, by Dangerman Dyno. The match and championship would be won by Kosmo Thomas. Marley would gain the first opportunity to win the SDA World Championship from Thomas, but was defeated by Thomas in a Steel Cage. Jacob Marley would then defeat "Dangerman" Dyno in singles competition.

New-NAW/AWP Independent Training Facility

In 2014, after a long hiatus from wrestling, he and his tag team partner Demar Thomas would join New-NAW/AWP training facility as official trainees along with other independent CAWs.

Finishers and Signature Moves


Championships and other Accomplishments


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