Jake Zapper is a CAW Wrestler currently signed to WWA(Wesley Wrestling Association).He was a wrestler for SWF(Supreme Wrestling Federation) until it went under due to suspension of their Youtube account.

Jake Zapper
Jake Zapper
Names Jake Zapper
Height 6'2
Weight 233lbs
Born August 16, 1987
Birthplace Oakland, CA
Resides Oakland, CA
Billed from Oakland, CA
Trained by Foghorn Sanders
Debut 2007

Former Leagues

Supreme Wrestling Federation

Jake Zapper made his debut in SWF being paired up with another newcomer named Lightning to form a team called Shockwave.They would soon earn the right to challenge James Mosier and Antonio for the SWF Tag Team Championships at Cyber Sunday.Unfortunately SWF would be canceled before they could get the opportunity.

Theme Songs

Finishers and Signitures

  • Swing Jawbreaker
  • Shooting Star Press

Allies/Tag Teams

SWF/WWA- Shockwave- (Lightning) (2009 - Present)

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