James Lovitz (Formerly Nick Happens) is an Original CAW signed into the GWEF.

James Lovitz
Names Nick Happens, James Lovitz
Height 5'11
Weight 220lbs
Born May 31st, 1987 (Age 23)
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Billed from Germany
Trained by Brian Adams
Debut May 29th, 2010
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Nick Happens (May 2010-July 2nd, 2010)

Nick Happens made his debut in the GWEF by being defeated by The Dig Slow. Nick Happens ended up doing absolutely nothing until being buried in the GWEF Roster. Happens is assumed disappeared.

James Lovitz and Demolish (July 2010- 2011)

On the July 2nd Edition of All-Stars, Nick Happens reappeared into the GWEF with a new name, James Lovitz. Lovitz defeated Blue Guy to be the first Superstar in the Money in the Bank Match at GWEF Frenzy. On the 75th Episode of Demolish, Lovitz made his Demolish show Debut by defeating the Green Guy in a impromptu match.

GWEF Extreme (2011-Present)

James Lovitz was drafted to Extreme via the GWEF Draft in May. On Extreme Episode 103, Lovitz challenged the United States Champion James Rolfe to another match of his choice. On All-Stars Episode 104, Lovitz challenged James Rolfe for the Untied States Championship after Rolfe's match. Lovitz ended up winning and became the United States Champion for the first time.

Championships and Accomplishments

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