The January 6 Dome Show is a professional caw wrestling event held by Japanese caw promotion New Japan Caw Wrestling. It has become an annual event kicking off the new year since 2009. The January 6 event has become one of the most anticipated shows on the Japanese wrestling calendar.

Event Results

Caw Kingdom I in Tokyo Dome

Caw Kingdom 1
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Promotion New Japan Caw Wrestling
Date January 6, 2010
Venue Tokyo Dome
City Tokyo, Japan
Theme Song -
Last Event NJCW Harumagedon
Next Event NJCW Sakujo

This was the first time ever that wrestlers from Deep Impact Wrestling and Thomas's Wrestling Association competed against wrestlers of New Japan Pro Wrestling at a Tokyo Dome show.

  • Panku defeated The Brian Kendrick
    • Panku pinned Kendrick after a Punk Bomb
  • Kiddo defeated Su-pa Kun
    • Kiddo pinned Kun after a Kid Go To Sleep
  • Brent Thompson defeated Roi Kaen and Yusuke Reigan
    • Thompson pinned Kaen after a Thompson Suplex
  • Dezaia (Hikaru and Sai) defeated Purinsu of Resuringu (Purinsu Ryoma and Purinsu Momoshiro)
    • Sai pinned Momoshiro after a Bull Dog
  • Roze defeated Natsu to win the ICWGP Womens Championship
    • Roze pinned Natsu after a Rose Scream
  • Metaru Doubou (Edowado Metaru and Arufonsu Metaru) defeated Rinsei Ni (Kondore and Hagetaka) to retain the ICWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships
    • Arufonsu Metaru got the belts down from the thing that was hanging the belts
  • Maximum Max defeated Hiei De-mon, Lu Bu, and Kinnikuman to win the ICWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship
    • Max pinned De-mon after a Max 1 9
  • Yomi (Takai Dokuro and Zonbi) defeated Shaffuru Arainsu(Ku-ro Joka and Jakku of Naiya) to retain the ICWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships
    • Dokuro pinned Joka after a Chokeslam
  • Reaper X defeated Rock Darson to win the NCWA Heavyweight Championship
    • Reaper put Darson on fire
  • Mason Kronik defeated Icedude, Brad Harris, Kingu of Hatsu, Shawn O'Conner, and Jack McMichaels to win the ICWGP Heavyweight Championship
    • Kronik pinned McMichaels after a Kronik Bomb