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Jason Hawkinz
Hawkinz2011- 2
Names N/A
Height 6'3
Weight 234 lbs
Born July 22, 1981 (Age 30
Birthplace Houston, TX
Died N/A
Resides N/A
Billed from Houston, TX
Trained by Al Snow, Booker T, Arn Anderson
Debut 2008
Retired N/A

Jason Hawkins (born July 22nd, 1981) is an CAW professional wrestler, better known by his ring name Jason Hawkinz . He is currently signed to IWT and formally New-WWE. Jason has appeared multiple times at CAWlision Events and was apart of the XWA-WC roster.


On January 15th of 2010 Jason Hawkinz was officially signed to New-WWE on its ECW Brand, Then he was later transfered to the New-WWE Smackdown Brand.He was already a 2 time New-WWE Hardcore Championship Holder as a guest in New-WWE.At New-WWE Unforgiven he would gain the Intercontinental Championship to his name from Lemarcus Carter. He would eventually gain a spot in the Money in The Bank ladder match at New-WWE Wrestlemania 5. He would go on to win the match and keep the Briefcase.On New-WWE RAW Episode 71 he would win the New-WWE Title after cashing in his MITB Briefcase to hjoin the match between Randy orton and Danny Jackpot. He would later turn on his Mentor Danny Jackpot and join up with TRS. he would lose to Jackpot at New-WWE Summerslam. Jason would later ask for his release for his own personal reasons and his request was granted.


CAW Entertainment WrestlingEdit

  • CEW World Champion (First) (1 Time)


Other AccomplishmentsEdit

Finishers and SignaturesEdit

  • One Hit Wonder(Double Underhook Piledriver)
  • Assault Driver
  • Single Leg Boston Crab
  • Top Rope Lariat
  • Enzugiri
  • Roundhouse Kick


  • Firefly by Breaking Benjamin
  • Underground by GOB (Current)

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