Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees by DMThompson
Names Jason Voorhees
Height 6'3
Weight 250lbs
Born Friday, June 13th, 1946 (Age 65)
Birthplace N/A
Died N/A
Resides Crystal Lake
Billed from N/A
Trained by Self-Trainned
Debut 2004
Retired N/A

Jason Voorhees is a fictional character from the Friday the 13th series of slasher films.

Jason is one of the most well known CAWs in history. He has the distinction of being the very first person crowned champion in the history of CAW when he became the NoDQ CAW Champion on February 5, 2004. Jason is well known for his time in EWE, NoDQ CAW, UWF, UFW and many countless other leagues.


Jason's legendary run in CAW began in the 2004 CAW Cup. The 2004 CAW Cup was the debut of NoDQ CAW and also would crown the first NoDQ CAW Champion. He would defeated Mario, Michael Myers, and the Hulk to win the tournament and become the first ever champion in CAW History. His first reign however was short lived when he lost it in his first title defense to Freddy Krueger. Jason would get a rematch three days later and won his title back. Jason then had a huge threat for his title when a giant version of himself called Giga Jason challenged him. After a few tough battles, Jason defeated Giga Jason and Giga Jason would then vanish forever. Superman then made his debut in NoDQ CAW and quickly rises to the top. Superman would then take the NoDQ CAW Championship from Jason. Following this, Jason along with Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers were placed in the first ever Trip to Oblivion Match at NoDQ Impact. During the match, both Jason and Freddy were sent to oblivion.

Eventually Jason along with Freddy Krueger would make their returns from oblivion. The two shocked the CAW World when they teamed up to beat down Mario during a triple threat match. Jason and Freddy had always been rivals so something must have happened to them while they were in oblivion. Mario wanted revenge for what had happened to him and got his brother Luigi to come to NoDQ. At Carnage, Jason and Freddy teamed up and defeated the Mario Brothers. Jason and Freddy had become a team to be reckoned with.

Following their victory at Carnage, Jason and Freddy turned their focus to the NoDQ CAW Tag Team Championship. The titles were newly formed and the first champions would be crowned with a tournament called the T4 Tournament. Jason and Freddy defeated Superman and Batman in the first round of the tournament. They would then defeat Wolverine and Cyclops in order to advance to the finals. At True Pain, Jason and Freddy faced Michael Myers and Leatherface in the finals of the T4 Tournament. Due to their dominance and experience in the 2004 CAW Cup, Jason and Freddy were the clear favorites. Myers and Leatherface pulled the upset and became the first Tag Team Champions.

Jason and Freddy looked to rebound from their loss at True Pain with a match against Beavis and Butthead. However, Freddy Krueger turned on Jason and stole his mask during the match. The shaky truce between the two was ended. During this time, the NoDQ Championship became vacant and a one night tournament of former champions was announced. A few days before the tournament, Jason, Freddy, and Michael Myers faced each other in a Hell in a Cell. Freddy won the match and then started Jason on fire after the match. At Quest for Gold, Jason faced Freddy in the first round. He defeated Freddy and took his mask back along with Freddy's claws. Jason then used Freddy's claws to make Mr. Clean tap out in the second round. Jason would then defeat the man that ended that ended his last reign, Superman, in the finals to become the first three time NoDQ Champion. At Bound for Glory 2, Jason was attacked by Freddy with a drill. It was also announced that NoDQ would soon split into two brands. Jason was drafted onto NoDQ Pacific. Freddy would be drafted onto NoDQ Eastern. On the last show before the split, End of an Era, Jason and Freddy would battle in a Harbor from Hell match for the NoDQ CAW Championship. Jason was about to win the match when he was suddenly struck by lightning. Freddy would then win the match and steal back his claw.

With the NoDQ Championship being on NoDQ Eastern, a new championship was formed for NoDQ Pacific. Jason faced Bruce Lee to determine the first NoDQ Pacific Champion. Hulk attacked both men during the match and no champion was crowned. A new match for the NoDQ Pacific Championship was made between Jason, Hulk, Bruce Lee, and Spider-man. Jason came up short and the Hulk became the first Pacific Champion. Jason became the number one contender for the title shortly after. Hulk tried to get into Jason's head by using the Crystal Lake Slam and costing him matches. Hulk even pinned Jason with the Crystal Lake Slam in a tag team match. At King of the Pacific, Jason managed to pin the Hulk and became the new NoDQ Pacific Champion. Hulk would get a rematch for the title and won the title back in an Ironman Match.

In a tag team match, Jason accidentally clotheslined his partner, Michael Myers. Michael Myers responded by costing Jason a number one contender's match for the Pacific Championship. Myers continued to attack Jason and the Hulk came down to save him. Jason was confused and attacked the Hulk. Later, as Myers beat down the Hulk, Jason came down to save him but the Hulk attacked Jason. Jason, Myers, and the Hulk faced each other at Date With Destiny for number one contendership for the NoDQ CAW Championship. Jason won the match and faced Mr. Clean for the NoDQ Championship the following week at Domestic Disturbance. Jason came up short and Mr. Clean kept the title. Jason and Michael Myers were given a chance to end their feud at Undisputed Universe in an Ambulance Match. Myers won the match and was granted a title shot for the NoDQ CAW Championship. The brand split was also ended and the two leagues merged.

Jason would take some time off before returning in the Royal Rumble at Spring Cleaning. Jason started the match at number one and came very close to winning when he was the second to last man eliminated. The following week, Jason attacked the International Champion, Chef, at Going the Distance. Jason faced Freddy Krueger and Spider-man where the winner would become the number one contender for Chef's International Championship. The match ended in a draw but Chef proceeded to challenge all three men. At Fully Charged, Chef defended his International Championship against Jason, Freddy, and Spider-man in a ladder match. Chef managed to keep his title in the match. After this show NoDQ CAW went on a extended hiatus.

After a year, NoDQ CAW returned full-time. A new tournament dubbed the 2007 CAW Cup was started to award the winner the vacant NoDQ CAW Championship. Jason was a favorite to win the tournament with his experience with winning the 2004 CAW Cup. However, Jason was shocked in the first round when he was defeated by Sagat, who hadn't had a match in NoDQ CAW since the first CAW Cup. Frankenstein went on to win the tournament and Jason was granted a title shot against him. Frankenstein won the match but wasn't finished with Jason and beat Jason down after the match. Jason was voted to face Mr. Clean, Sagat, and Michael Myers at Box Office Smash for the inaugural Interactive Championship match but Jason no-showed the match and many thought it was due to the beating that Frankenstein delivered to him. Jason would still appear at Box Office Smash; however, he attacked NoDQ Champion Frankenstein after he retained his title. Frankenstein responded by attacking Jason and even attacked and bloodied Las Vegas Link. Frankenstein would even interrupt a match between Jason and Superman to attack both men. Jason was given a shot at Frankenstein's NoDQ CAW Championship at Violent Impulse but came up short.

After taking a few weeks off, Jason was voted into an Interactive Championship match against Mr. Clean. Jason defeated Mr. Clean and became the new Interactive Champion. Mr. Clean didn't take this too well and threw Jason through a flaming table. Mr. Clean was awarded a rematch but he wanted to intimidate Jason. Mr. Clean faced Frankenstein but Jason interfered and put Mr. Clean through a Hell in a Cell. Later, as Jason was facing Sagat, Mr. Clean attacked Jason with a ladder. Due to the growing rivalry, it was decided that one match wasn't enough and the two men faced each other in three separate matches at Title Haunt with each match being for the Interactive Championship. Mr. Clean won the Interactive Championship quickly at Title Haunt in a TLC Match. This reign would only last 20 minutes as Jason won the title back in a Harbor from Hell Match. Jason would retain the title later that night in a Hell in a Cell Match.

After the match at Title Haunt, both Captain Jack Sparrow and Link attack. Both those men and Jason would all battle each other on top of the Cell. It was determined that something had to be done and a team competition was announced to celebrate the eigth anniversary of Jason, Link, and Captain Jack Sparrow would all captain their own teams. Jason's team consisted of himself, Frankenstein, Freddy Krueger, & Michael Myers and they were dubbed the Tweeners. The Tweeners though would score the least amount of points at Wreckless Warzone.

Jason still held the Interactive Championship and was defending it against all comers. Jason defeated fan favorite Leatherface at Thicker Than Blood. Jason even managed to defeated his long time rival Freddy Krueger. Jason had momentum going into a match against Michael Myers, but Myers scored the upset and became the new Interactive Champion. Jason was granted a rematch but the lights went out during the match. When they came back on Jason was knocked out but Myers refused to pin him. Jason regained his senses and pinned Myers to win back the Interactive Championship. It was soon revealed that Jason pinned Freddy Krueger dressed as Michael Myers and thus was stripped of the Interactive Championship. At Holiday Havoc, Jason defeated both Freddy and Michael to become a four time Interactive Champion. He would then go on and defend the title against Michael Myers in a Roadkill Match a week later at Fan Frenzy.

Jason then wanted to win the one active championship in NoDQ CAW that always eluded him, the Tag Team Championship. He was granted a title shot but with the stipulation that the Interactive Championship would also be on the line. The fans voted Jason's longtime rival, Freddy Krueger, as his partner. At Deadly Sin, Jason and Freddy faced the Terminators for the Tag Team Championship. Freddy tried to screw Jason over and cost him the Interactive Championship but Jason managed to come out on top and win the Tag Team Championship. When the Terminators were granted a rematch for their titles, Freddy no-showed the match; however, Freddy would eventually come out and cause a disqualification in order to keep the Tag Team Championship. Jason was defending his Interactive Championship against Spider-man when Freddy helped Spider-man win. Freddy and Jason were set to defend the Tag Team titles against Mr. Clean and Captain Jack Sparrow but neither man showed. Freddy eventually came out when it was revealed that they could be stripped of their titles. Freddy managed to win and keep the titles. Since the team was so dysfunctional, Freddy and Jason faced each other in a Trip to Oblivion Match at Date With Destiny with the winner becoming the sole owner of the Tag Team Championship. Jason and Freddy were each sent to Oblivion and the Tag Team Championship was then vacated.

Shortly after Date With Destiny NoDQ CAW closed its doors. A year and a half later, NoDQ CAW hosted a special show called Bragging Rights to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Bragging Rights hosted a mini-tournament with no titles being put on the line. Jason defeated Captain Jack Sparrow in a Walk the Plank Match. Superman defeated Jason, the Joker, and Link in a the Match From Hell to win the Bragging Rights tournament. This was Jason's final match in NoDQ CAW. As of November 2012, Bragging Rights was the final NoDQ CAW show.


After the hiatus in NoDQ CAW in 2005-2006, the NoDQ CAW Champion, Zatoichi, joined UWF. This caused a split of the NoDQ Championship after NoDQ returned with the 2006 CAW Cup. At Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2007, Zatoichi held an open challenge to any former NoDQ Superstar whom he has never beaten. Mr. Clean answered the challenge; but, just as the match was about to begin, Jason Voorhees also came out and the match became a triple threat. Jason won the match and became the first four time NoDQ CAW Champion.

Jason first challenge in UWF came in Captain Ginyu. Ginyu won a Royal Rumble and as winner decided to face Jason for the NoDQ CAW Championship. In the weeks leading up to their match, Jason defeated Ginyu in an exhibition match but Ginyu pinned Jason in a tag team match. At Deathsplosion, Jason defended his NoDQ CAW Championship against Ginyu and was able to successfully retain it.

Also at Deathsplosion, Mr. Clean defeated Zatoichi to become the number one contender for the NoDQ CAW Championship. Mr. Clean defeated Jason in a non-title match but would parade around the ring wearing the NoDQ CAW Championship after the match anyways. Jason and Mr. Clean had faced each other many times before but only one other time it was for the NoDQ CAW Championship. In that match, Mr. Clean retained the title. At Dirtier Deeds, Jason was set to defend the title against Mr. Clean, but Mr. Clean was attacked backstage by Zatoichi. Since Mr. Clean was unable to perform, Spider-man was chosen as his replacement at the last second. Jason defended his title against Spider-man; however, Spider-man came out on top and was the new NoDQ CAW Champion.

Before his match at Dirtier Deeds, Jason and the Punisher walked into each other. Punisher would get into Jason's face and Jason responded by giving him a Crystal Lake Slam. Jason was given a rematch for the NoDQ CAW Championship, but once again Spider-man defeated him. Jason was not done with the NoDQ Championship and attacked Spider-man and Link the following week. Jason was in a number one contender's match for the NoDQ CAW Championship against Link when the Punisher interfered and caused Jason the match. At Super Wrestlemania, the Punisher had an opportunity at the UWF Championship. Jason distracted Punisher and cost Punisher the match. Following this, Jason and Punisher were set to have a match but Punisher would always find a way around it. Punisher would get help from Joe Fixit and even caused Jason's partner in a tag team match to not be able to make it into the match. When Punisher and Joe Fixit were in a Tag Team Championship number one contender's match, Jason came out and once again caused the Punisher the match. Punisher had had enough and finally challenged Jason to a fair one-on-one match. At Extreme Pain Fest Deluxe 2007, Jason and Punisher battled in a NoDQ Championship number one contender's match. Jason won the match and finally put the Punisher behind him.

Zatoichi would defend his NoDQ CAW Championship shortly after this against Jason. Jason lost the match but what happened after the match was the true story. Dark Tornado kidnapped Jason and dragged him backstage. Dark Tornado handed Jason over to Mephisto, since Mephisto claimed that Jason had escaped from death and his realm. At Detainment, demons attacked Mr. Clean and Ms. Marvel during a Hell in a Cell Match. These demons were dispatched by Mephisto and one of them was Jason Voorhees. This would be the last time that Jason appeared in UWF.


Finishers & Signature MovesEdit

  • Crystal Lake Slam (Choke Slam)
  • Crystal Lake Slap (Huge Slap)
  • Welcome to Crystal Lake (Clothesline to the back of the head)
  • Tombstone Piledriver

Championships and accomplishments Edit

  • TheM4GNation
    • Halloween Royal Rumble Winner (2 times & 1st ever winner)
    • Galactic Championship (1 time)
    • M4G-Nation Blue Championship (2 times)
  • Extreme Wrestling Entertainment/Epicus Wrestling Extremis
    • EWE World Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with Spawn (1)
    • EWE Hardcore Championship (1 time)