Jay kay

Name: Jay-Kay

Real Name: Jay Kendrick

Birthday: 3/12/87

Hometown: Long Island, NY

Finisher(s): Flying C; Spiral Trap

Wrestlingpromotions: GFW


Jay-Kay is a wrestler from GFW (German Fantasy Wrestling). He uses a highflyer gimmick and is one of the most liked GFW stars on YouTube. Jay-Kay was born in Long Island, NY on 3/12/1987. He is 24 years old. On GFW HardcoreMania Jay-Kay won the 'GFW - Mr. Hardcoremania'-title. He fought vs Joe Bonecrush in an awesome battle. After that match Jay-Kay was injured at his shoulder. But he returned in agust 2011 on GFW ATW Episode 1 as a member of 'Team 450°'. At the last GFW PPV 'FINAL END' (before the break) he lost in a royal rumble and got attacked by 'Team AWESOME' backstage. He wasn't able to do his 2nd match with Joe Bonecrush at this evening because he was hurt again. He injured his shoulder a 2nd time. That was the last time when the gfw univsere saw him. Now, Jay-Kay is okay again and able to wrestle.

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