Acronym JMAX or JMX
Establishment 2008 (e-Fed), 2009 (CAW League)
Owner(s) BigJerichool222
Staff Jericho222, Blee Blee Blee, Homer
Formerly J-MAX or JME
Website &

Jeri-MAX (sometimes it's just abbreviated to either JMAX or JMX), is a No Mercy CAW League created by Something CAWful admin Jericho222. This league is based off of the e-fed of the same name that had gained some popularity back in 2008 on the SMF Forums. Jeri-MAX is most known for being the original home of multi-time CAW World Champion Dorf Liggleton. Jeri-MAX is an original member of of The Vivianverse, sharing its continuity with leagues such as New-WWE, WEDF, NAW, and various others.

Season One took place from December 2009 to August 2010.

Season Two began on January 1st, 2011, but was soon put on hold till May 19th, 2011 due to the emergence of Vertex and their strike against the company. It ended on February 10th, 2012.

Season Three began on July 3rd, 2012, but was put on hiatus in September 2012 due to technical issues with both Jericho and Homer. It returned to an off-and-on schedule starting November 24th, 2012 with a live stream of JMAX 50 before finally ending in the Summer of 2014.

Jeri-MAX Roster

Current Jeri-MAX Roster
Jeri-MAX Win/Loss Records

(Italicized = Inactive)

André the Giant Grandma Gower
The Artist Grover Cleveland
Biff Andreas Huff Daddy
Big Boss Man Jennifer Hudson
Big Cock Fale Johnny Coldblud
Bludgeon Jurt Angle
Blee Blee Blee Justin Bowers
Bo Dallas Kim Sakoda
Bubba the Love Fudge Lamarell McDaniel
Bulk Liz
Christian Coldblud Lucas Gomez
Dan "The Beast" Severn Matt Eichorn
Danielle Bryan Paca Americana
Danny Jackpot Pacman Jones
Dave Bautista Penis Chaperone
David "A-List" Otunga Rachel
Debra Ricky Halim
Don Bronchitis Sandwich Armdrag
Dorf Liggleton Skippy Pearls
DreCon the Giant Skull
Dylan Connell Steven Santos
El Jefe Triple H
Evan Redcourne Whitnique
Frankie Coldblud Zeb Kolton
Ginger Zoocock Poopgoblin

Tag Teams & Stables

  • Anti-WWE Crusade: Lucas Gomez & Evan Redcourne
  • Bulk & Skull
  • Don Bronchitis & Ricky Halim
  • The Giants: André the Giant & DreCon the Giant
  • Law & Order: Big Boss Man & David "A-List" Otunga
  • Lounge: Johnny Coldblud, Christian Coldblud, Frankie Coldblud & Liz
  • Most Manly Athletes: Dave Bautista, Dan "The Beast" Severn & Phil Brooks
  • The Gower Dynasty: Justin Bowers & Huff Daddy
  • The PG Era: Zoocock Poopgoblin & Big Cock Fale
  • Zeb Kolton & Paca Americana

Former Talent

  • Brutus Beefcake (2010) [Killed by Hulk Hogan Offscreen]
  • Chyna (2010) [Released]
  • Brian Knobbs (2010-2011) [Killed by Claude Frollo]
  • Jerry Sags (2010-2011) [Killed by Claude Frollo]
  • Steve "The Intern" Lantern (2011) [Quit]
  • Kane (2011) [Killed by Claude Frollo]
  • Linda McMahon (2011) [Released]
  • Otto (2011) [Released]
  • Shawn Michaels (2009-2011) [Released]
  • KAMA (2010-2012) [Released]
  • Matt Hardy (2010-2012) [Released]
  • Mongo McMichael (2008-2012) [Retired]
  • Ricardo Rodriguez (2011-2012) [Deported]
  • Brendon (2011-2012) [Quit]
  • Hulk Hogan (2010-2012) [Killed by Claude Frollo]
  • Caylen Rogers (2011-2012) [Killed on Accident by Aladdin Hassan]
  • 7-Up Spot (2008-2010; 2012) [Killed on Accident by Aladdin Hassan]
  • Jeff Hardy (2010-2012) [Released]
  • Giant Lord A-Train (2012-2014) [Released]
  • Edge (2010-2014) [Retired]
  • AJ Lee (2013-2014) [Released]
  • Kevin Nash (2012-2014) [Killed by Aladdin Hassan]
  • Michael Cole (2010-2014) [Quit]
  • Brooke Hogan (2010-2014) [Killed by Aladdin Hassan]
  • Sheamus (2009-2014) [Fired by Lucas Gomez]
  • Aladdin Hassan (2008-2014) [Made Immortal and Banished to Purgatory]
  • Claude Frollo (2010-2014) [Sent Himself to Purgatory to fight Aladdin Hassan]
  • Moto Pacha (2012-2014) [Released]
  • Maji Pacha (2012-2014) [Released]
  • Elevensai (2008-2014) [Released]
  • Primo Slowking (2012-2014) [Released]
  • Yuna (2010-2014) [Released]
  • Alberto Del Rio (2011-2014) [Fired for Unprofessional Conduct]
  • Sakoda (2009-2014) [Retired]

Current Champions

Championship Current Champion(s) Date Won Event Previous
World Heavyweight Dorf Liggleton 2-1-2016

Jeri-MAX Ooze

Grover Cleveland
Intercontinental Zoocock Poopgoblin 2-1-2016

Jeri-MAX Ooze

Sandwich Armdrag
European The Ladies Man 8-5-2014

Jeri-MAX JeriMania the Third

Tag Team

MMA (Batista & Dan Severn)
(& Sheamus)


Jeri-MAX Recoil

reDallas (Evan Redcourne and Bo Dallas)

Hardcore Phil Brooks 4-11-2015

Jeri-MAX Recoil

Women's Liz 6-4-2015 Jeri-MAX Warp (Episode 67) Ginger


Season 1 Jeri-MAX Results

WARP Logo (As of Season 2)

Season 2 Jeri-MAX Results

Season 3 Jeri-MAX Results

Although there was no roster splits back in the old days of the e-fed, Jeri-MAX had 2 different shows: Jeri-MAX WARP and Jeri-MAX VORTEX. WARP is considered the "Monday Night Raw" and VORTEX is the "Friday Night SmackDown."

VORTEX Logo (As of Season 2)

During the e-fed era, a 3rd Brand, Jeri-MAX Eastern (the "ECW"), was created but was not brought back when Jeri-MAX became a full fledged CAW League until it's announced revival as a developmental C-Show in September 2011. The show lasted a total of 25 episodes and lasted all the way into June of 2014.

WARP's official theme is "Overkill (2007)" by Motörhead, and VORTEX's official theme is "Let it Roll" by Divide the Day. Eastern's official theme was "Hangman" by Rev Theory.

Eastern Logo (2011-2014)

WARP is currently commentated by Bubba the Love Fudge & Blee Blee Blee, while VORTEX is commentated by Bubba and a guest commentator. Eastern was commentated by Bubba and Jeri-MAX Executive Vice President of Talent Inflation, Don Bronchitis.


Jeri-MAX PMX could have had been easily described as Jeri-MAX's answer to WWE NXT. In season 1, Jeri-MAX Pros mentored 8 Divas on their way to JeriMania, where they fought to become the first ever Jeri-MAX Women's Champion. The winner of Jeri-MAX PMX Season 1 was Yuna.

Jeri-MAX Season 2 had to be cancelled after the emergence of Vertex. Sakoda would immediately sign half of them (Matt Eichorn, Steven Spriter, and Caylen Rogers), to Jeri-MAX contracts in order to fill the roster spots left open by those on strike.

CPV Events

Current Events

Retired Events

Other Special Events & Shows



Jeri-MAX is the very first CAW League to post a show (Jeri-MAX (Episode 5)) WARP New Year's Special) in the 2010's decade, at least for those living in the eastern United States.

Jeri-MAX is the only known CAW League to use a 6-Year-Old (Now 11) as a commentator.

BigJerichool222's account has over 1000 subscribers as of June 2013.

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