Jeri-MAX JeriMania
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Promotion Jeri-MAX
Date August 13th, 2010 (JM1)
February 10, 2012 (JM2)
August 5, 2014 (JM3)
Venue TD Garden (JM1)
Thomas & Mack Center (JM2)
Tokyo Dome (JM3)
City Boston, MA (JM1)
Las Vegas, Nevada (JM2)
Tokyo, Japan (JM3)
Theme Song "Hell Bells" AC/DC & "Airplanes (Part II)" by B.o.B. (JM1)
"Brand New Start" by Alter Bridge & "Falling Apart" by Zebrahead (JM2)
Power (Instrumental)" by Kanye West (JM3)
Last Event Jeri-MAX Horizon
Next Event Jeri-MAX Recoil

Jeri-MAX JeriMania is the sixth and final CPV of the Jeri-MAX Season.

JeriMania is the biggest CPV of the Jeri-MAX season, much like New-WWE's WrestleMania, SMF's BitchaMania, or ICCW's ZOMG-a-Mania. The winner of the Spiral Rumble Match is almost always guaranteed to be in the main event of the show. The first JeriMania took place on August 13th, 2010.


JeriMania I took place in Boston, MA on August 13th, 2010. There were 13 matches scheduled, though 15 occured. The official theme songs are "Hells Bells" by AC/DC and "Airplanes (Part II)" by B.o.B. The main event featured Danny Jackpot, the winner of the first Spiral Rumble in a Triple Threat Match against El Jefe and Claude Frollo. Frollo claimed that when he would win, God would strike down Jeri-MAX, everyone involved with Jeri-MAX, and the people who watch it too. Meanwhile, El Jefe just wanted to prove to the CAW World that he is its one true Lord and Savior, not Danny Jackpot.

# Results Stipulations
Preshow D-Generation X def. Bubba the Love Fudge & Blee Blee Blee Tag Team Match
1 Winter Bradleys def. JJ Interpromotional Grudge Match (Jeri-MAX vs. SMF)
2 Sakoda & Sheamus def. KAMA Handicap Match: If KAMA would have won, he would have became the new General Manager of Jeri-MAX
3 Lucas Gomez (c) def. Larry ItNAW jpeg, Drew Pickles, & Demarco Something Interpromotional Elimination Fatal-4-Way (Jeri-MAX vs. NAW vs. RAWR vs. CARL): Jeri-MAX Hardcore Championship
4 Aladdin Hassan (c) def. DreCon the Giant Steel Cage Match: Jeri-MAX European Championship; if Hassan had no-showed, he would have lost the title.
5 Edge def. Mongo McMichael & Grover Cleveland Ladder Match
6 Sheamus def. Edge Money in the Jeri-Bank Singles Match
7 Sheamus def. Judge Claude Frollo NEW Jeri-MAX World Heavyweight Champion
8 Yuna def. Whitnique, Danielle Bryan, & Linda McSeven Jeri-MAX PMX Final Four: NEW Jeri-MAX Women's Champion
9-11 The Nasty Boys def. DylCourne (c), Bulk & Skull, & The Gower Dynasty Tag Team Gauntlet Match: NEW Jeri-MAX Tag Team Champions
12 Jurt Angle def. Pacman Jones (c) NEW Jeri-MAX Intercontinental Champion
13 Hulk Hogan def. Dorf Liggleton Singles Match: Hogan's Career on the Line
Main Danny Jackpot def. Judge Claude Frollo & El Jefe Triple Threat Match
  • 6 - Sakoda made Edge, the winner of the initial Ladder Match, fight Sheamus for the briefcase instead of awarding it to him.
  • 7 - After winning Money in the Jeri-Bank, Sheamus immediately cashed it in, resulting in an impromptu title match.
  • Main - After the match, Judge Claude Frollo advised that Danny should be warned that there was a greater power then him planning to tak over Jeri-max if Frollo were to fail. Frollo attacked and took El Jefe to hell with him following his defeat. The Nasty Boyz would then attack Danny and Hulk Hogan would reveal that he was the one that Frollo had spoke of, and that he would be the downfall of the Jeri-Max.

JeriMania II: The Quickening

Poster 6

JeriMania II Promotional Poster, feat. Pacman Jones & Hulk Hogan.

JeriMania II: The Quickening took place in Las Vegas, NV on February 10, 2012. The official theme songs were is "Brand New Start" by Alter Bridge and "Falling Apart" by Zebrahead. David "A-List" Otunga's wife Jennifer Hudson was scheduled to perform at the event. There were 11 matches scheduled for this event (though 13 took place), with 3 matches set for the pre-show. The main event featured Spiral Rumble winner Hulk Hogan challenging Pacman Jones for the World Heavyweight Championship.
# Results and How Many Stars Stipulations
Pre1 7-Up Spot wins a 12-Man Battle Royal Winner earns a Spot in the Money in the Jeri-Bank Ladder Match on the main card.
Pre2 Lucas Gomez def. The Suspect If The Suspect wins, he earns a Jeri-MAX contract.
Pre3 Floyd "Money" Mayweather def. Blee Blee Blee Singles Match: "The Best vs. The Blee"
1 Alberto Del Rio def. Ricardo Rodriguez Steel Cage Match: If Ricardo Loses, he will be deported and Alberto will get his spot on the Jeri-MAX Roster
2 Skippy Pearls (c) def. The Crippler NAW jpeg, Verne Gagne (DJW), & Zach Starr WEDF Vivianverse Elimination Fatal-4-Way: Jeri-MAX Light Heavyweight Championship
3 Hunter Hearst Gower & Grandma Gower def. Justin Gower & Huffington Gower If Justin & Huffington win, Grandma must divorce Hunter. If they lose, they are disowned from the Gower family.
4 7-Up Spot def. Caylen Rogers & DreCon the Giant Money in the Jeri-Bank Ladder Match
5 Winter Bradleys (c) & Danielle Bryan def. Brendon & Rachel (c) Duos Twist: Jeri-MAX Hardcore Championship & NEW Jeri-MAX Women's Champion
6 Steven Spriter def. Linda McSeven Dark Horse Rules Match
7 Jennifer Hudson vs. Brooke Hogan vs. Yuna went to a No Contest Triple Threat Match: NEW Jeri-MAX Women's Champion(s)
8 Matt Eichorn def. El Jefe Singles Match
9 Dorf Liggleton def. Sheamus (c), Aladdin Hassan, & Jurt Angle Elimination Fatal-4-Way: NEW Jeri-MAX European Champion
10 Lamarell McDaniel (c) def. Dylan Connell Jeri-MAX Intercontinental Championship
11 Skippy Pearls def. Lamarell McDaniel (c) Jeri-MAX Eastern Roster Spot Challenge: NEW Jeri-MAX Intercontinental Champion
12 Danny Jackpot (c) & David "A-List" Otunga (c) def. Edge & Sakoda* Jeri-MAX Tag Team Championship: If Spotlight Wins, Sakoda will resign as JMAX General Manager
Main Pacman Jones (c) def. Hulk Hogan Jeri-MAX World Heavyweight Championship
  • 6 - Dark Horse Rules: No Count-Outs & Use of Horseshoes as Weapons is Legal.
  • 7 - The Triple Threat Women's Championship Match was booked by Sakoda during the event.
  • 10 - Lamarell held an open challenge for the Intercontinental Championship; Skippy Pearls broke Eastern Rules by having his Roster Spot Challenge not on an episode of Eastern. Sakoda would eventually allow it.
  • 12 - Sakoda replaces Christian, who was severely injured by Spotlight Enforcer Batista on Episode 43.

JeriMania the Third

Poster JM3

JeriMania the Third promotional poster feat. Frollo, Hassan, Lamarell, & Bludgeon.

JeriMania the Third was scheduled to take place in Tokyo, Japan on August 5th, 2014. The official theme songs were "Power (Instrumental)" by Kanye West and "Hunter's Chance" by The Black Mages. Musical Guests included Dr. Dre, Eminem, Ice- T, Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Outlandish, Social Distortion, & Weird Al Yankovic

There were 15 matches scheduled for the event, (though 17 took place) with 4 matches scheduled for the Pre-Show. The main event featured Spiral Rumble winner Aladdin Hassan taking on Jeri-MAX General Manager Claude Frollo in a "Last Man Standing" Fight to the Death. Also, the Jeri-MAX World Heavyweight Championship was defended as Lamarell McDaniel challenged the undefeated Champion Bludgeon, claiming that it was in the champ's best interest to lose to someone like Lamarell now, before the undefeated streak overshadowed Bludgeon's entire career.

# Results and How Many Stars Stipulations
Pre1 Ricky Halim def. Malcolm Valentino Steel Cage Roster Spot Challenge: NEW Jeri-MAX Light Heavyweight Champion
Pre2 Elevensai def. Kim Sakoda Elevensai replaced Sakoda in a "Father vs. Daughter" Singles Match
Pre3 Dan "The Beast" Severn vs. Dylan "Funbags" Connell never started MMA Rules
Pre4 Bulk & Skull def. The Gower Dynasty Jeri-MAX Throwback Tag Team Match
1 Dorf Liggleton def. Chris Jericho (c) NEW Jeri-MAX Intercontinental Champion
2 Zeb Kolton & Paca Americana def. David "A-List" Otunga & Jennifer Hudson Mixed Tag Team Match
3 Grover Cleveland def. Skippy Pearls & Steven Santos Money in the Jeri-Bank Ladder Match
4 Biff Andreas def. ❄ (c) NEW Jeri-MAX European Champion
5 The Undertaker def. Lucas Gomez Interpromotional Singles Match (Jeri-MAX vs. WWE)
6 DreCon the Giant def. André the Giant Singles Match
7 Penis Chaperone (c) def. Triple H Jeri-MAX Hardcore Championship
8* Big Cock Fale def. Penis Chaperone (c) NEW Jeri-MAX Hardcore Champion
9 Jurt Angle def. El Jefe by Count-Out Singles Match
10 Ginger def. Whitnique (c) NEW Jeri-MAX Women's Champion
11 Sheamus & Evan Redcourne def. The Shield Trip (c) NEW Jeri-MAX Tag Team Champions
12 Pacman Jones def. Stone Cold Steve Austin Singles Match
13 King Matt Eichorn def. Johnny Hell in a JeriCell Match
14 Danny Jackpot def. Blee Blee Blee "Once in a Lifetime" Grudge Match
15 Bludgeon (c) def. Lamarell McDaniel Jeri-MAX World Heavyweight Championship
Main Aladdin Hassan vs. Claude Frollo is still in progress Last Man Standing: Fight to the Death
17* Grover Cleveland def. Bludgeon (c) NEW Jeri-MAX World Heavyweight Champion


Jeri-MAX JERIMANIA, the fourth JeriMania event, was announced on January 15th, 2015. It is scheduled to take place in Australia.