The 2012 Bracket Results

The Jeri-MAX King of Heavens is an upcoming Post-Season Tournament created by General Manager Claude Frollo in order to help transition from one season to another. The first tournament began on March 28, 2012 with the eventual winner being Matt Eichorn.

The winner of the 20-Man Tournament not only receives the title of King, but earns a Jeri-MAX World Heavyweight Championship shot at the upcoming season's first CPV event; Black Hole in Season 3 and Recoil in Season 4.

The 2012 tournament used the standard single-elimination bracket system, while the 2014 tournament initally changed things up with a Round Robin style format, before ultimately returning to standard elimination style after new GM Debra found Round Robin to be too confusing.

King of Heavens 2012 (Season 2 - Season 3)

The first tournament began on March 28, 2012. Instead of the commonplace 16-Man tournaments, this bracket will feature 20 Jeri-MAX Superstars, with 12 receiving a bye to the 1st Round. Matt Eichorn would go on to win the tournament, defeating Lamarell McDaniel in the final round.

Preliminary Round Match Results

  • Jeff Hardy def. Evan Redcourne
  • El Jefe def. David "A-List" Otunga
  • Grover Cleveland def. Dylan Connell
  • DreCon the Giant def. Sheamus

First Round Match Results

Quarter-Finals Round Matches

  • Jeff Hardy def. Michael Cole
  • Lamarell McDaniel def. Dorf Liggleton
  • Matt Eichorn def. Rachel (Subbing for ❄)
  • Aladdin Hassan def. Alberto Del Rio via Count Out

Semi-Finals Round Matches

  • Lamarell McDaniel def. Jeff Hardy
  • Matt Eichorn def. Aladdin Hassan

King of Heavens Finals

King of Heavens 2014 (Season 3 - Season 4)

The 2nd off-season King of Heavens tournament had been scheduled for mid-late 2014, beginning on August 10th, 2014. The tournament once again featured 20 Jeri-MAX Superstars competing for a World Heavyweight Championship shot. However, unlike the first tournament, which was single elimination, this tournament began as a 2-Block Round Robin style tournament, until new General Manager Debra scrapped the confusing (to her) format in favor of a traditional single-elimination tournament with the top 4 from each block on December 31st, 2014.

Zoocock Poopgoblin would go on to win the tournament, defeating incumbent King Matt Eichorn in the final round.

Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
A André the Giant Pin
A El Jefe
A André the Giant
A Zoocock Poopgoblin Pin
A Skippy Pearls
A Zoocock Poopgoblin Pin
A Zoocock Poopgoblin Pin
B King Matt Eichorn
B King Matt Eichorn Pin
B Pacman Jones
B King Matt Eichorn Pin
B Johnny Coldblud
B Johnny Coldblud Pin
B DreCon the Giant
Round Robin Standings
G Block P Block
André the Giant 4 Matt Eichorn 4
El Jefe 4 Pacman Jones 4
Skippy Pearls 4 Johnny Coldblud 2
Zoocock Poopgoblin 4 DreCon the Giant 2
The Artist 2 Danny Jackpot 2
Chris Jericho 2 Lucas Gomez 2
Dan Severn 0 Penis Chaperone 2
David Otunga 0 Ricky Halim 2
Lamarell McDaniel 0 Jurt Angle 0
Sandwich Armdrag 0 Zeb Kolton


G Block André Artist Jericho Severn Otunga Jefe Lamarell Sandwich Skippy Zoocock
André X Yes check Yes check
Artist X mark X Yes check
Jericho X Yes check X mark
Severn X mark X X mark
Otunga X mark X X mark
Jefe Yes check X Yes check
Lamarell X mark X X mark
Sandwich X mark X X mark
Skippy Yes check Yes check X
Zoocock Yes check Yes check X
P Block Danny DreCon Johnny Jurt Gomez Eichorn Pacman Penis Halim Kolton
Danny X X mark Yes check
DreCon Yes check X X mark
Johnny Yes check X X mark
Jurt X mark X X mark
Gomez X X mark Yes check
Eichorn Yes check X Yes check
Pacman Yes check X Yes check
Penis Yes check X mark X
Halim X mark X Yes check
Kolton X mark X mark X

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