Jeri-MAX PMX was a mini-series/spin-off of the Jeri-MAX CAW League. It wass based on WWE NXT, but featured 6-8 Jeri-MAX Divas (at the time NXT was only on Season 2), being mentored by JMAX Pros. In Season 1, these Rookies initially fought for the vote of the fans for a chance to win the Jeri-MAX Women's Championship at Jeri-MAX JeriMania.

The official theme song of Jeri-MAX PMX Season 1 was "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper and the official theme song of Season 2 was "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" by To Write A Riot

The winner of Jeri-MAX PX was Yuna. The other finalists were Whitnique, Linda McSeven, & Danielle Bryan.

Jeri-MAX PMX Season 2 was announced for the future on December 4th, 2010. The Rookies and Pros were announced 5 days later. However, after Vertex went on stike, Sakoda cancelled the show and hired Matt Eichorn, Steven Spriter, and Caylen Rogers in order to make up for the lack of talent.

The Rules

The rules were simple and easy to understand; in Season 1, starting after Jeri-MAX Horizon, the 8 PMX Rookie Divas competed in WebMatch length shows and partook in promos with their Pros every once in a while. This went for the 6 weeks leading up to Jeri-MAX JeriMania, where a poll was posted on the Something CAWful Forums. Overall, there were 5 episodes, and one unaired finale that was canceled for various reasons.

The 4 Diva Rookies with the most votes in the poll went on to JeriMania and compete in match where the winner (Yuna) became the first ever Jeri-MAX Women's Champion.

For Season 2, the plan was that 6 PMX Rookies were going to start out and every starting from Episode 3 on, there would be an elimination every week until a winner was crowned. The Winner was going to receive a World Heavyweight Championship Match at Jeri-MAX Spiral Rumble.

Season 1 Finale Cancellation

After scheduling conflicts involving Blee Blee Blee and Bubba the Love Fudge, Bubba decided to post the results and put the poll up early, stating that it wasn't like the show was going to influence any of the votes anyway. The results of the finale were:

Whitnique def. Kim Sakoda

Grandma Gower def. Dylan Connell

Linda McSeven def. Brooke Hogan

Danielle Bryan def. Yuna

Season 1 Roster

PMX Diva Jeri-MAX Pro Wins Losses
Whitnique Jurt Angle 3 1
Danielle Bryan Winter Bradleys 3 1
Chyna Dylan Connell 2 1
Brooke Hogan Dorf Liggleton 2 2
Kim Sakoda KAMA 2 2
Linda McSeven Aladdin Hassan 2 2
Grandma Gower Justin Gower 2 2
Yuna Bubba the Love Fudge 0 4


FINALISTS: Whitnique, Linda McSeven, & Danielle Bryan

Planned Season 2 Roster

PMX Diva Jeri-MAX Pro(s) Wins Losses
Steven Spriter Pacman Jones 0 0
Johnny Rocker Danny Jackpot 0 0
Matt Eichorn Bulk & Skull 0 0
Rocky Blade Aladdin Hassan 0 0
Caylen Rogers Yuna 0 0
Heel Brent Harvanator D-Generation X 0 0

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