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The following are full results from every Jeri-MAX Show/CPV/Event of Season 2.


Episode 27: WARP

Jeri-MAX Black Hole 2: Emergency Event

  • Linda McSeven def. Yuna© (Jeri-MAX Women's Championship)
  • Hulk Hogan & Brooke Hogan def. The Nasties© (Jeri-MAX Tag Team Championship)
  • Mongo McMichael def. Matthew Hardy, Lamarell McDaniel, & KAMA (Jeri-MAX Hardcore Championship)
  • Evan Redcourne def. Dylan Connell, Pacman Jones, & Daniell Bryan (Jeri-MAX European Championship)
  • Danny Jackpot def. DreCon the Giant, Winter Bradleys, & Grover Cleveland (Jeri-MAX Intercontinental Championship)
  • David "A-List" Otunga© def. Edge: Ladder Match (Jeri-MAX World Heavyweight Championship)

Episode 28: VORTEX

  • Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy def. The Nasties
  • Matt Eichorn def. Steven Spriter
  • Grover Cleveland def. Danny Jackpot
  • David "A-List" Otunga© def. Whitnique (Jeri-MAX World Heavyweight Championship)
  • Evan Redcourne© def. Danielle Bryan (Jeri-MAX European Championship)
  • Mongo McMichael def. Caylen Rogers
  • Hulk Hogan def. Edge

Jeri-MAX Easter WebMatch 2011

Episode 29: WARP

  • DreCon the Giant def. Dylan Connell
  • Edge def. Lamarell McDaniel
  • Steven Spriter def. Mongo McMichael
  • Pacman Jones def. Danny Jackpot
  • Caylen Rogers def. Matt Eichorn
  • Yuna def. Grandma Gower
  • David "A-List" Otunga def. Evan Redcourne
  • The Hardys def. The Hogans© by Count Out (Jeri-MAX Tag Team Championship)

Episode 30: VORTEX

  • Winter Bradleys def. Danny Jackpot
  • Winter Bradleys def. Danny Jackpot
  • Danny Jackpot© def. Winter Bradleys (Jeri-MAX Intercontinental Championship)
  • Linda McSeven© def. Yuna (Jeri-MAX Women's Championship)
  • The Nasties def. D-Generation X
  • Edge & Christian def. DreCon the Giant & Pacman Jones
  • Lamarell McDaniel def. Dylan Connell
  • The Hardys def. Hulk Hogan
  • Winter Bradleys & Grover Cleveland def. Danny Jackpot & David "A-List" Otunga

Jeri-MAX Ooze 2:

  • Matt Eichorn def. Caylen Rogers, Steven Spriter, & Mongo McMichael© (Jeri-MAX Hardcore Championship)
  • Lamarell McDaniel def. Evan Redcourne© (Jeri-MAX European Championship)
  • Judge Claude Frollo def. The Nasties
  • Grover Cleveland def. Danny Jackpot© (Jeri-MAX Intercontinental Championship)
  • Pacman Jones def. Christian, Edge, & DreCon the Giant
  • David "A-List" Otunga© def. Winter Bradleys (Jeri-MAX World Heavyweight Championship)
  • The Hardys def. The Hogans© (Jeri-MAX Tag Team Championship)

Episode 31: WARP

  • Matt Eichorn & Caylen Rogers def. Bulk & Skull
  • KAMA & Kim Sakoda def. Steven Spriter & Linda McSeven
  • Danny Jackpot def. Christian
  • The Gower Dynasty def. D-Generation X
  • Lamarell McDaniel© def. Evan Redcourne (Jeri-MAX European Championship)
  • Kane def. Matt Hardy
  • Hulk Hogan def. Winter Bradleys
  • Pacman Jones def. Judge Claude Frollo

Episode 32: VORTEX

  • Kane def. David "A-List" Otunga© (Jeri-MAX World Heavyweight Championship)
  • The Hardys def. Edge & Christian
  • Linda McSeven def. Danielle Bryan via Count Out
  • Steven Spriter def. KAMA
  • Grover Cleveland def. Skull
  • The Gower Dynasty def. Matt Eichorn & Caylen Rogers
  • Hulk Hogan def. Pacman Jones
  • David "A-List" Otunga def. Kane© by Forfeit [Special Referee: Judge Claude Frollo] (Jeri-MAX World Heavyweight Championship)

Episode 33: WARP

  • Lamarell McDaniel def. Pacman Jones
  • Matt Eichorn© def. Mongo McMichael (Jeri-MAX Hardcore Championship)
  • Linda McSeven def. Kim Sakoda
  • Jeff Hardy def. Triple H
  • Danny Jackpot def. DreCon the Giant
  • The Gower Dynasty def. Bulk & Skull
  • Hulk Hogan & Kane def. Claude Frollo & Matt Hardy
  • Grover Cleveland def. David "A-List" Otunga

Episode 34: VORTEX (Wedding Special)

  • Caylen Rogers def. Steven Spriter
  • Grover Cleveland def. Evan Redcourne
  • The Hardys def. Winter Bradleys & Danielle Bryan
  • Kane def. DreCon the Giant
  • Edge & Christian def. Matt Eichorn & Danny Jackpot
  • David "A-List" Otunga def. Sakoda
  • Judge Claude Frollo def. Hunter Hearst Gower (Triple H)
  • Shawn Michaels & Pacman Jones def. The Gower Dynasty

Jeri-MAX The All-American American Bash 2:

  • Hunter Hearst Gower def. Shawn Michaels
  • Caylen Rogers def. Matt Eichorn© (Jeri-MAX Hardcore Championship)
  • Linda McSeven© def. Linda McMahon (Jeri-MAX Women's Championship)
  • The Hardys© def. The Gower Dynasty (Jeri-MAX Tag Team Championship)
  • Danny Jackpot def. Edge
  • Lamarell McDaniel© def. Grover Cleveland© (Jeri-MAX European & Intercontinental Championships)
  • Judge Claude Frollo def. Kane (Inferno Match)
  • Pacman Jones def. David "A-List" Otunga© [Special Referee: Sakoda] (Jeri-MAX World Heavyweight Championship)

Episode 35: WARP

  • Sheamus def. Dorf Liggleton
  • DreCon the Giant def. Edge
  • Caylen Rogers© def. Matt Eichorn (Jeri-MAX Hardcore Championship)
  • Danielle Bryan def. Brooke Hogan, Yuna, & Whitnique
  • Hunter Hearst Gower def. Danny Jackpot
  • Lucas Gomez & Aladdin Hassan def. Jurt Angle & El Jefe
  • Lamarell McDaniel© def. Grover Cleveland (Jeri-MAX Intercontinental Championship)
  • Pacman Jones© def. David "A-List" Otunga (Jeri-MAX World Heavyweight Championship)

Episode 36: VORTEX

  • Shawn Michaels def. Evan Redcourne, Winter Bradleys, & Grover Cleveland
  • Danielle Bryan def. Linda McSeven© (Jeri-MAX Women's Championship)
  • Lucas Gomez & Aladdin Hassan def. The Hardys© (Jeri-MAX Tag Team Championship)
  • El Jefe def. Caylen Rogers
  • Ricardo Rodriguez & Alberto Del Rio def. Danny Jackpot & Hunter Hearst Gower
  • Sheamus def. David "A-List" Otunga
  • Lamarell McDaniel© def. Jurt Angle (Jeri-MAX Intercontinental Championship)
  • Pacman Jones def. Dorf Liggleton

Jeri-MAX Spiral Rumble 2:

  • Lamarell McDaniel def. Caylen Rogers© (Jeri-MAX Hardcore Championship)
  • Pacman Jones© def. Sheamus (Jeri-MAX Hardcore Championship)
  • Hulk Hogan wins the 40-Man Spiral Rumble Match, last eliminating Dorf Liggleton.

Episode 37: WARP

  • Danielle Bryan© def. Linda McSeven (Jeri-MAX Women's Championship)
  • Danny Jackpot def. Ricardo Rodriguez
  • Lamarell McDaniel© def. Caylen Rogers (Jeri-MAX Hardcore Championship)
  • Lucas Gomez & Aladdin Hassan def. The Gower Dynasty
  • Hulk Hogan def. Winter Bradleys
  • David "A-List" Otunga def. Judge Claude Frollo
  • Matt Eichorn def. Christian
  • The Hardys def. Jurt Angle & Dorf Liggleton

Episode 38: VORTEX

Jeri-MAX Eastern Episode 1:

  • Skippy Pearls def. Professor Splat
  • DreCon the Giant def. Shogo Go
  • Lucas Gomez & Aladdin Hassan def. KAMA & Kim Sakoda

Episode 39: WARP

  • Yuna def. Grandma Gower
  • El Jefe & Sheamus def. Evan Redcourne & Grover Cleveland
  • Matt Eichorn def. Winter Bradleys
  • Jurt Angle def. Shawn Michaels
  • Lamarell McDaniel© def. Brendon (Jeri-MAX Intercontinental Championship)
  • Lamarell McDaniel© def. Rachel (Jeri-MAX Intercontinental Championship)
  • Danny Jackpot def. Lucas Gomez
  • Hulk Hogan def. Bulk
  • Pacman Jones def. Aladdin Hassan

Jeri-MAX Eastern Episode 2:

Episode 40: VORTEX

  • Lamarell McDaniel© def. Judge Claude Frollo (Jeri-MAX Intercontinental Championship)
  • Blee Blee Blee def. Steven Spriter
  • Hunter Hearst Gower def. Winter Bradleys
  • Evan Redcourne def. El Jefe
  • Bulk def. Dorf Liggleton
  • Grover Cleveland def. Sheamus
  • Aladdin Hassan def. David "A-List" Otunga
  • Lamarell McDaniel def. Hulk Hogan

Jeri-MAX Eastern Episode 3:

Jeri-MAX Horizon 2:

  • Danielle Bryan© def. Grandma Gower (Jeri-MAX Women's Championship)
  • Linda McSeven def. Blee Blee Blee
  • Winter Bradleys def. Matt Eichorn, Mongo McMichael, & Caylen Rogers (Jeri-MAX Hardcore Championship)
  • Jurt Angle def. Dorf Liggleton
  • Sheamus def. Evan Redcourne, El Jefe, & Grover Cleveland (Jeri-MAX European Championship)
  • Danny Jackpot & David "A-List" Otunga def. Lucas Gomez© & Aladdin Hassan© (Jeri-MAX Tag Team Championship)
  • Hulk Hogan def. Judge Claude Frollo
  • Pacman Jones© def. Lamarell McDaniel (Jeri-MAX World Heavyweight Championship)

Jeri-MAX Eastern Episode 4:

Episode 41: WARP

Jeri-MAX Eastern Episode 5:

Episode 42: VORTEX

  • Lamarell McDaniel def. Evan Redcourne
  • DreCon the Giant def. Steven Spriter, Johnny, & Shawn Michaels (MITB Qualifier)
  • Winter Bradleys© def. Brendon (Jeri-MAX Hardcore Championship)
  • Aladdin Hassan def. Jurt Angle
  • Edge & Christian def. Hunter Hearst Gower & Huffington Gower
  • El Jefe def. Bulk
  • Danny Jackpot & David "A-List" Otunga def. The Hardys
  • Dylan Connell def. Hulk Hogan via DQ

Jeri-MAX Eastern Episode 6:

Episode 43: WARP

Jeri-MAX Eastern Episode 7:

Episode 44: VORTEX

Jeri-MAX Eastern Episode 8:

  • DreCon the Giant def. Ivory & Dylan Connell
  • Skippy Pearls© def. "The Funkasaurus" 7 Nation Army (Jeri-MAX Light Heavyweight Championship)

Jeri-MAX JeriMania II Pre-Show

  • 7-Up Spot wins a 12-Man Battle Royal, last eliminating Bulk.
  • Lucas Gomez def. The Suspect
  • Floyd "Money" Mayweather, Jr. def. Blee Blee Blee by TKO.

Jeri-MAX JeriMania II: The Quickening:

  • Alberto Del Rio def. Ricardo Rodriguez (Steel Cage Match)
  • Skippy Pearls© def. Verne Gagne, The Crippler, & Zach Starr (Jeri-MAX Light Heavyweight Championship)
  • Hunter Hearst Gower & Grandma Gower def. Justin Gower & Huffington Gower
  • 7-Up Spot def. DreCon the Giant & Caylen Rogers (MITJB Ladder Match)
  • Danielle Bryan & Winter Bradleys© def. Brendon & Rachel© (Jeri-MAX Hardcore & Women's Championships)
  • Steven Spriter def. Linda McSeven (Dark Horse Rules Match)
  • Jennifer Hudson vs. Brooke Hogan vs. Yuna went to a No-Contest (Jeri-MAX Women's Championship)
  • Matt Eichorn def. El Jefe
  • Dorf Liggleton def. Sheamus©, Jurt Angle, & Aladdin Hassan (Jeri-MAX European Championship)
  • Lamarell McDaniel© def. Dylan Connell (Jeri-MAX Intercontinental Championship)
  • Skippy Pearls def. Lamarell McDaniel© (Jeri-MAX Intercontinental Championship)
  • Danny Jackpot© & David "A-List" Otunga© def. Edge & Sakoda (Jeri-MAX Tag Team Championship)
  • Pacman Jones© def. Hulk Hogan (Jeri-MAX World Heavyweight Championship)

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