Jeri-MAX World Heavyweight Championship
JMAX World
Current champion(s) Dorf Liggleton
Date Won January 31st, 2016
League Jeri-MAX
Introduced 2008
Retired TBD
Most reigns Dorf Liggleton (3)
First Champion Dorf Liggleton
Last Champion TBD
Longest Reign Grover Cleveland (633 Days)
Shortest Reign Jurt Angle (0 Days)
Heaviest Champion El Jefe (580 lbs)
Lightest Champion Pacman Jones (186 lbs)
Other Name(s) None
Past design(s) None

The Jeri-MAX World Heavyweight Championship is the highest ranked singles title in Jeri-MAX.

Created on December 28th, 2009, the first Jeri-MAX World Heavyweight Champion in the CAW adaptation of Jeri-MAX was Dorf Liggleton, who defeated El Jefe on Jeri-MAX WARP Episode 1. Dorf Liggleton and David "A-List" Otunga are tied for the most reigns as Jeri-MAX World Heavyweight Champion with 2 each. Pacman Jones holds the record for longest reign (404 Days), most title defenses (5), and lightest champion (186 lbs.), while El Jefe is the heaviest (580 lbs.). The oldest champion by far is Judge Claude Frollo (530+ Years) and the youngest is Dorf Liggleton (23 Years).

The current World Heavyweight Champion is Dolph Liggleton, who is in his third reign as champion after defeating Grover Cleveland at [[Jeri-MAX Ooze|Jeri-MAX Ooze 2015] on January 31, 2016.

Championship History

Wrestler: Times: Defenses: Days Held: Notes:
Dorf Liggleton 1 2 2 Defeated El Jefe in the Main Event of the very first episode of Jeri-MAX.
The Crippler 1 1 4 Replaced Grover Cleveland and defeated Dorf Liggleton in the Main Event of Jeri-MAX Episode 4.
The Crippler is stripped of the World Heavyweight Championship for not signing a Jeri-MAX Contract.
Dorf Liggleton 2 3 18 Awarded back the Championship by Sakoda on Episode 6.
Hulk Hogan 1 4 57 Defeated Dorf Liggleton in his debut match at Ooze.
El Jefe 1 1 21 Defeated Hulk Hogan on Jeri-MAX Episode 17.
Claude Frollo 1 3 126 Defeated El Jefe at Horizon after being unmasked while under the name "Vince McSeven".
Sheamus 1 0 188 Cashed in Money in the Jeri-Bank briefcase and defeated Claude Frollo at JeriMania.
Sheamus is stripped of the World Heavyweight Championship for his involvement with Vertex.
David "A-List" Otunga 1 4 141 Awarded the Championship by Sakoda after being signed to a large contract funded by the paychecks of Vertex.
Kane 1 1 0 Defeated David "A-List" Otunga on Jeri-MAX Episode 32.
David "A-List" Otunga 2 1 16 Defeated Kane by forfeit on Jeri-MAX Episode 32.
Pacman Jones 1 5 404 Defeated David "A-List" Otunga at The All-American American Bash.
Lamarell McDaniel 1 3 233 Defeated Pacman Jones & King Matt Eichorn at Jeri-MAX Black Hole.
King Matt Eichorn 1 2 83 Defeated Lamarell McDaniel at Jeri-MAX Ooze.
Jurt Angle 1 1 0 Defeated King Matt Eichorn at Jeri-MAX Spiral Rumble.
Aladdin Hassan 1 4 252 Cashed in Money in the Jeri-Bank briefcase and defeated Jurt Angle at Jeri-MAX Spiral Rumble.
Bludgeon 1 2 138 Defeated Aladdin Hassan at Jeri-MAX Horizon.
Grover Cleveland 1 1 633 Cashed in Money in the Jeri-Bank briefcase and defeated Bludgeon at JeriMania the Third.
Dorf Liggleton 3 0 780+ Defeated Grover Cleveland at Jeri-MAX Ooze 2016.


  • The only wrestler to hold the Jeri-MAX World Heavyweight Championship on more than one occasion, Dorf Liggleton, who held the title on three different occasions and he's the current Jeri-MAX World Heavyweight Champion.
  • Whitnique is the only female to ever compete for the Jeri-MAX World Heavyweight Championship.
  • The Jeri-MAX World Heavyweight Championship has only changed hands at Jeri-MAX JeriMania on one occasion, when Sheamus cashed in his Money in the Jeri-Bank immediately after winning it in 2010.
    • No Spiral Rumble Winner has ever won the title in JeriMania's Main Event due to Sheamus' cash-in earlier in the night.