Jessica Knight is the newest Women's Wrestler to get brought into DCA. here's a video

Jessica Knight WWE 2K14 Entrance 200:45

Jessica Knight WWE 2K14 Entrance 2.0


DCA Career

She made her DCA Debut at DCA Takedown 20, defeating Akira Yukimura in a match. at DCA Gateway to Heaven she was in a Six Way Ladder Match, where the winner would get a chance to compete for the DCA Women's Championship, at DCA Revelations: Last Rights, she lost the match. On DCA War Zone Episode 9. Jessica Knight Won her third match in DCA, against Angel Sanchez.



1. "Locked Up" Yes! Lock 2. "Knight Slam" 110th Street Slam


1. "Sword's Edge" Zack Attack 2. Achilles Tendon Lock

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