Jim Michaels
Jim Michaels 2014
Names Jim Michaels
Height 5'11
Weight 216lbs
Born 15th August 1988 (Age 25)
Birthplace Tampa, Florida
Died {{{death_date}}}
Resides Tampa, Florida
Billed from Tampa, Florida
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Trained by None
Debut May 8th 2010
Retired {{{retired}}}

Jim Michaels is a professional CAW superstar currently wrestling for MCWWhere he is a De Facto member of The Canadian Invasion.

MCW (2010-present)

Lightweight and Tag-Team Championship reigns (2010-2011)

Michaels debuted at Ressurexion 2010 in a 4 man battle royal for the vecant Lightweight Championship. The Match was won by Kayden. Michaels won the Lightweight Championship against Adam Raven at Night Of Legends. Since then he has beaten superstars like Flash to keep the title. At Bonfire Brawl Jim Michaels and Bret James won the MCW Tag-Team Championships in a 2 on 1 handicap match against Damien 666. Jim Michaels along with Bret James won the MCW Slammy for Tag Team of the Year on December 6th 2010 however Michaels would go on to lose the MCW Lightweight Championship when he lost to Flash at New Year Skirmish.

Feud with Bret James & Heel Turn (2011-present)

Tyson and John Maverick were revealed as the mystery tag team at The
Jim Michaels

Jim Michaels in 2011

Rumble 2011 to take on Bret James and Jim Michaels. They went on to win the titles when James turned on Michaels by attacking Michaels with a steel chair with Rhys Krystiansen leaving a handicap match. At MCW 8, Jim Michaels defeated Bret James after getting straight up from the Somersault Axe Kick to hit the Landing Failure to win the match. Jim Michaels then fought The Canadian Invasion at MCW Era 2011 with Michaels partner being the returning Atlas Johnson. Johnson would turn on his partner with a stiff DDT allowing James to pick up the win. Johnson turned heel and joined the Canadian Invasion in the process. The week after Era, Michaels was injured in a 6-man tag match when one of his own partners, Infernus accidentally speared Michaels into the ring post. Michaels returned at MCW Date With Fate 2011 turning heel by teaming up with Bret James again to win the MCW Tag-Team Championships off Infernus & Derek, thus turning heel. Later that night, Michaels ambushed Infernus in the parking lot and after a struggle put Infernus' head through a car window. It is unclear if Michaels is an ally to the Canadian Invasion or an official member. Michaels and James started off the event MCW Immortal saying that it was going to be The Canadian Invasion's night. This was interrupted by Unified MCW Champion, Adrian J and MCW International Champion, Chris Grangefield. After an exchange of words, both Michaels and James for title shots, James at the Unified MCW Championship and Michaels at the MCW International Championship. Michaels later on fought Chris Grangefield in a no Disqualification match but was defeated. Michaels fought Redline at MCW Revival for the MCW Lightweight Championship] but was defeated.

In Wrestling

  • Finisher moves

Landing Failiure

  • Signature Moves


Championships and Accomplishments

1-time MCW Lightweight Champion

2-time MCW Tag-Team Champion (with Bret James)

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