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Joel Robinson
Names Joel Robinson
Height 6ft 5in
Weight 291 lbs
Born 4/9/80
Birthplace Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Died {{{death_date}}}
Resides Baltimore, MD
Billed from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
Trained by Foghorn Sanders
Debut 2003
Retired {{{retired}}}
Joel Robinson is a Canadian Professional Wrestler who currently is contracted under Developing Superstars Organization.

Bloodsport Wrestling Federation

World Heavyweight Champion

Joel would finally reach the top in 2008, when he captured the World Heavyweight Championship from Mikhail.

Joel would hold the title for 4 months onward succesfully defending the title against Mikhail, The Ripper, and Jigsaw.

Heel Turn and 2nd Reign as WHC

Joel would lose the World Heavyweight Championship to Michael Frost. Joel attacked Michael after the match thus turning heel. Months Later in 2009, Joel would Recapture the World Heavyweight Title from Michael Frost. During his reign, Joel Robinson became the Longest Reigning Champion in BWF History. Joel would defeat the likes of Danny Johns and Michael Frost to defend the title. That title reign would come to an end when he would be defeated by the mystery opponent, which was revealed to be Charlie Haas.


Robinson made his DSO debut to a losing effort against Takeshi Kido at Road to Gold I, losing his first round match in the World Title Tournament. Robinson's luck would turn around at Turkeys & Takedowns in a Finisher Match against "Superstar" Craig David and would follow that up in another Finisher Match against Tyrone Bourne at Night of 1000 Announce Tables. His streak of wins was ended by Takeshi Kido, who powerbombed him to a knockout loss at Buy This Candy Bar.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
    • Chokeslam
  • Signature Moves
  • Pumphandle Slam
  • Spinebuster

Entrance Themes

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