Jonathan Shepard is a Professional Wrestler better known by the name John Bates. He has spent most of his time wrestling in his own Youtube series called "Wear and Tear: The Legend Of John Bates". He's stepped out of it and has been signed to ITF. His gimmick is that he's a convicted felon who uses the skills he had to learn to survive inside prison in order to survive inside the squared circle.

John Bates
John Bates
John Bates 2016
Billing information
Ring Names John Bates
Height 6'5
Weight 226 lbs
Born July 18, 1991(24 years old)
Hometown Birmingham, Alabama
Resides Plano, Texas
Billed From Birmingham, Alabama
Wrestling information
Alignment Heel
Trainer(s) Coach Emerson
Shawn Dynasty
Styles Ground and Pound
Professional career
Debut June 26,2014
Retired {{{retired}}}

Wear and Tear: The Legend Of John Bates

Bates would make his wrestling debut in a match against Colin Zeal and win the match. Immediately after that he was signed to United Kingdom Wrestling. He would go on to multiple different shows and endorse products, one noticeably being a meat cleaver. Bates was known to constantly have outside brawls with other wrestlers and often beat the hell out of them with a steel chair.

Personal Life

Shepard is currently working majoring in Physics in college. He also served a short prison sentence after his stint in the independents, which has become part of his gimmick as a trainee in The ITF.

Finisher And Signature Moves

  • A Night At Bates Motel (Fireman's carry facebuster)
  • Bate Taker (Tornado DDT)
  • Flying Knee Drop
  • Crossface


Dining On Wine And Ashes by TeknoAxe

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