John Depp
Names John Depp, JDP
Height 5ft. 11in.
Weight 197 lbs.
Born Unknown
Birthplace Unknown
Resides Mancester, United States
Billed from Parts Unknown
Trained by Joe Omega
Debut 2013

John Depp is a CAW Proffesional Wrestler currently signed to OPW , Upon entering caw John almost immidietly signed with OPW having a good relationship there with the owner as it was he who trained him.

To contact John Depp, contact him here:

OPW 2013-present  

John's debut on OPW came on OPW episode 7 where he defeated JBL and instantly became over with the fans a couple days later at OPW's first CPV he beat Raven in a steel cage match for the OPW Hardcore Championship becoming the first Hardcore champion, since then he went on to beat Sabu in a Tables match retaining the championship but lost it the night after to a debuting Batista who then lost it to numerous people before John won it back become a 2x champ.

The following week on smackdown he lost the title again but this time to Sheamus whom also became a 2x hardcore champion in this match, With that loss under his belt John found a tag team partner in an also loss bound Justin Gabriel who he has had a good relationship with and beat The New Age Outlaws at OPW Elimination Chamber in a TLC Match to become OPW Tag Team champions for the first time in his career, he then went on to use his rematch clause for the hardcore title against Kevin Nash but lost.

  • Return

On the 30th December 2013 episode of OPW Kryptonite, John Depp returned and defeated Samoa Joe with the Leaping Blood Driver, and it was announced he would face Bill Goldberg at OPW Backlash ; and if he wins Goldberg must retire.

he would return in OPW Season 3 under the new ring name of J.D.P, to remove confusion between himself and hollywood star Johnny Depp, he would go on to win the OPW Money In The Bank Briefcase at OPW Greed. Furthermore, two CPV's later at OPW Lust J.D.P would win his first major singles title in OPW, the OPW Intercontinental Championship. At OPW Summerslam 3: Wrath John Depp would successfully retain the IC Championship against Stardust then later cash in his money in the bank briefcase to become OPW Champion; His first world championship in CAW.

Championships and Acomplishments

Here is a list of his championships and acomplishments in CAW


In Wrestling


  • Leaping Blood Driver(Leaping Tombstone) - Rarely Used
  • Slingshot Stunner(Shining Wizard/Stunner corner combo)- Rarely Used
  • Black Arrow (Corkscrew SSP)- 2013-Present
  • Super Kick- 2014-Present
  • Disaster Kick- Rarely Used


  • Turnbuckle Inverted STO 2013-Current
  • Suplex Neck Breaker 2013-Current
  • 450 Splash- Rarely Used
  • Octopus Stretch- Rarely Used
  • Lotus Lock- Rarely Used
  • Springboard 450 Splash 2013-Current
  • Springboard SSP To The Outside 2013-Current

Entrance Theme

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