John Wesley was a wrestler in SWF(Supreme Wrestling Federation)until it went under due to suspension of SWF's youtube account.He is currnetly the owner of a wrestling show that he started up called WWA(Wesley Wrestling Association).

John Wesley
John Wesley
Names John Wesley
Mr. Submission
James Acheson
Height 5'10"
Weight 166 lbs
Born April 23, 1958
Birthplace Greenwich, Connecticut
Died -
Resides Greenwich, Connecticut
Billed from Greenwich, Connecticut
Trained by Self Trained
Debut July 19, 1978
Retired -

Supreme Wrestling Federation (2009)

John Wesley's career in SWF will be for-ever known as a technical wrestling master of submissions.Wesley's career took when he was the first ever SWF Light-Weight Champion he would hold the title for the longest time in SWF history defending the title left and right.Wesley would then enter one of the most personal feuds in SWF history when Drew Korth debuted in SWF Korth and Wesley immediatly hated each other.At SWF King of the Ring Korth faced Wesley for the Lightweight Championship Wesley damn near killed him-self just to make sure that Korth did not walk out the champion but in the end Drew Korth captured Wesley's Lightweight Championship.Wesley wasen't done with Korth they would again meet at SWF's next CPV in a 15-Foot high steel cage Korth would once again top Wesley and retain the title.Soon after Korth formed the faction known as Extreme X Wesley and Korth continued their feud.On SWF Episode 32 Wesley was granted a final match with Korth for the SWF Lightweight Championship in a Tables Ladders and Chair's match under the stipulation that if Wesley lost Wesley would never get a light-weight title shot as long as Korth was champion.Wesley took the fight to Korth Wesley was coming close to re-capturing the title till Extreme X Stablemate Ryan came down and attacked Wesley it would cost Wesley the match and Korth once again defeated Wesley ending Wesley's light-weight title hopes for good.Wesley would conitnue to perform well then on an ep of SWF Wesley won a 4-way match by making Macho Man tap out after the match SWF owner Shane McMahon came down and told John Cena who was the 5th man in the SWF Heavyweight Championship scramble match at SWF Royal Rumble Cena was told to turn around Wesley would super-kick Cena.Wesley would almost defeat champion Triple H in a non-title match but the game pervailed he would have another shot at The Game in a gauntlet match Wesley was once again defeated.At SWF Royal Rumble Wesley competed in his first ever shot at the World Heavyweight Championship Wesley would perform very well in the match but in the end Wesley would not capture his first world title Shelton Benjamin would win the match and the title.This would be Wesley's final match in SWF as he would only make one last apperence in SWF before SWF's suspension.

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