Johnny NoName
Johnny noname
Names Johnny NoName
Jo .E Helmsely
Height 5 ft. 10in.
Weight Light-Heavyweight
Birthplace New York
Resides New York
Billed from
Trained by Self-Trained
Debut October, 1996

Anderson Moore is CAW Professional Wrestler better known as Johnny NoName. He is currently working for NYCW. He is also a former SEA Wrestler. He was a SEA commentator on rare occasions. His attempt to join URWL was unsuccessful. Johnny NoName made his last appearances on XWA programing before returning to SEA. Johnny NoName made his SEA return as a commentator on the SEA webshow 2010 Edition. Johnny NoName made his in ring return to NYCW when he competed in the NYCW's second web match against Crazy Mexican. Johnny NoName made his SEA In-ring return against SEA Wrestler Justin Tyme. NoName is a NYCW [WCE] Original


Xtreme Tony
This Fued began at the NYCW Webshow 5-14-10 when Johnny NoName attacked Xtreme Tony after his match with Sherman. Sherman came to Xtreme Tony's aid and Johnny left the ring. At Ground Zero, he formed a quick alliance with Don Waldy and feud with Xtreme Tony and Sherman until Episode 4. Later on, the fued ended due to the 6 Pack Challenge Match for the NYCW World Heavyweight Title which was won by Gregory Black.

Byron "Sherman" Herrarte
The fued began during the the Xtreme Tony fued. The fued got more intense when Johnny was in a 3 way dance against Sherman and Joseph Matos. On CAW Mainstream, he requested a one on one match against Sherman at SummerGames 2010. The rseason being that he i frustrated with the fact that things aren't going his way and he has failed to beat sherman. He is set to face Sherman at SummerGames 2010 and looks to defeat him.


Johnny NoName

Johnny NoName on an Episode of SEA Livewire from Season 1

  • 1x SEA Tag Team Champion
  • 3x World Champion
  • 6x NYCW World Tag Team Champion
  • 2x NYCW Hardcore Champion
  • 1x SEA Cruiserweight Champion
  • 2x NYCW New York State Champion
  • 1x NGX Internet Champion
  • 2x NYCW Cruiserweight Champion

Theme Songs:

  • "Bombshell" by Powerman 5000 (SEA Season 1)
  • WWE Production Theme: "New Age Frankenstein" [Version 1] (SEA Season 1)
  • "Bonercrusher" by Videohelper Music Group (NYCW:2010-Present)

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