Jolly Jack Jetson is a CAW Pro Wrestler/ Pro Clown.

Jolly Jack
Names Jolly Jack
Height 5'7
Weight 200 lbs
Born November 21, 1988 (25 years old)
Birthplace Parts Unknown, Spain
Died {{{death_date}}}
Resides Parts Unknown, Spain
Billed from Parts Unknown, Spain
Trained by Red Birch the Circus Ringmaster
Debut  ???
Retired {{{retired}}}


It's currently unknown if he has signed a contract but WWC pretty much will accept anyone.

Personal Life

Jolly Jack Jetson is a proud pedophile and orginally made a career as a candy store owner until he was busted giving kids faulty bubblegum and was forced to flee to the circus to avoid the law. He did wrestling acts with baby bears and normally got his ass kicked. He decided wrestling half naked men was the dream job for him so he joined pro wrestling and modeled himself after a wrestler that also lived close by him Kane. 


Razor's Edge


The Netherworld Circus" by Verse 13

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