June 4th, Joliet, Florida

Dan "The Man" Danials v.s Porkchop- Hell in a cell
Porkchop pinned Danials after an I-94- 24:26

Retro & Ronnie Wildon v.s Jumnambi & Jason Greyhound- Hell in a cell tornado tag
Jumnambi pinned Wildon after a shot from the ring bell- 20:09

Hick Franks v.s Duke Terry Taylor v.s Travis Hawke v.s Tank Strongman v.s George O'Grady v.s Paul Redd- Armaggedon Hell in a cell for #2 Contendership for the RCWA World championship
Terry Taylor Pinned Strongman after Redd pushed Strongman off the top of the cell- 46:22

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