Kevin Davidson
Names Kevin Davidson
Height 6ft 7in
Weight 271 lbs.
Born 4/13/1982
Birthplace Pasadena, CA
Died N/a
Resides Las Vegas, NV
Billed from Las Vegas, NV
Trained by N/a
Debut 2004
Retired N/a
Kevin Davidson is a Professional Wrestler who currently wrestles under the promotion of BWF. Davidson is a Former 2 time BWF United States Champion.

Bloodsport Wrestling Federation

in 2004, Davidson, who came out with no entrance music, debuted as a heel in BWF. In a short time, he would go on to win the United States Championship from Ryan Bell, and would hold it until it became defunct in 2005.

Face Run and Tag With Baldwin

In Early 2006, After a match, Bernard Kidd would attack Tyler F'N Baldwin, then Davidson came out looking as if he were going to attack Baldwin, but instead Attacked Kidd, thus Turning Face. During His Face run in BWF, he would go on to win 2 tag team championships with Baldwin and 1 more reign as the United States Championship, which was reinstated in 2008. In 2009, Olga Jagr would have an on screen relationship with Baldwin, and would Join Baldwin and Davidson in their matches.

Heel Turn and Feud with Tyler F'N Baldwin

In Late 2009, at Global Recon, Baldwin and Davidson would lose the Tag Titles to Starr and Cage, who would later become as the Hardcore Edge. After the match, Davidson would Attack Baldwin from behind and verbally blaming him for their loss. The Same Week, Baldwin's Girlfriend Olga would betray him, joining forces with Davidson. At the Last ever Last Resort CPV, Davidson would be Defeated by Baldwin in a Tables Match. Davidson would take time off from BWF afterwards. In The 2nd Episode of BWF on Youtube, Davidson would return and attack Davidson, and cutting a promo afterwards. At Fallout, Davidson would lose to Baldwin, with the US Title on the line. Davidson would later win a tournament to earn another shot at Baldwin's US Title at No M3rcy, but would also fall to Baldwin afterwards.

At BWF Welcome 2 Youtube, Davidson faced Baldwin again For the US Title in a Ladder Match, yet again losing to Baldwin.

Davidson would then attain a darker persona called "The UnAmerican American"

Personal Life

Davidson is currently in a relationship with BWF Knockout Olga Jagr. Davidson has disclosed all other info about himself.

In Wrestling


  • "The UnAmerican American"


  • BWF United States Champion (2x)
  • BWF Tag Team Champion (2x)

Finishing Moves

  • Sit Down Powerbomb (2004 - Current)

Entrance Music

  • "When Worlds Collide" by Powerman 5000
  • "Guerilla Radio" by Rage Against The Machine (Team with Baldwin)
  • "Line In The Sand" by Motorhead
  • "The Royal We" by Silversun Pickups
  • "The British Invasion" by Dale Oliver

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