Kevin Faerkaine
Names Freaky
Height 6ft 3in
Weight 254lbs
Born 11/11/1980
Birthplace Jersey City, New Jersey
Died {{{death_date}}}
Resides Jersey City, New Jersey
Billed from Jersey City, New Jersey
The Dark Continent
Trained by Jake Faerkaine
NJWC Staff
Debut 2006
Retired {{{retired}}}
Kevin Faerkaine (born on November 11, 1980) is an active CAW superstar currently signed to Machinima Wrestling League (MWL) and Online Frenzy Wrestling (OFW). Faerkaine is a second-generation CAW superstar; his father Jake Faerkaine competed in an independant league in their home state, New Jersey.

Kevin was trained by his father, Jake Faerkaine, when he wrestled for New Jersey Wrestling Circuit where he won the NJWC Heavyweight Championship on three seperate occasions and the NJWC Tag Team Championship once with his father, Jake.

After signing with Atlantic Wrestling Federation, Kevin debuted as an enforcer for the AWF owner, Frank Dubaine. Kevin's willingness to wrestle in no holds barred matches quickly cemented him in AWF's hardcore division, gaining him the moniker "The Hardcore Legend" and eventually lead to him becoming a seven time AWF Hardcore Champion. Kevin managed to capture the AWF World Championship three times before AWF closed its doors in 2007. Overall, Kevin is a six-time world champion, having won the NJWC Heavyweight Championship three times and the AWF World Championship three times.


New Jersey Wrestling Circuit

Kevin wrestled his first match in NJWC when he was 18 years old, debuting as a silent stongman called Warpath. As Warpath, he squashed jobbers and lower card wrestlers until he had an undefeated streak of 13-0. Kevin was put up for a run at the NJWC Internet Championship, held by Kid Kommando. Kid Kommando dealt Kevin his first lose in their title match at the NJWC Supershow, Hostile Invasion. After the title match, Kevin returned to squashing jobbers for the next few months. Kevin was getting set up for another run at the Internet Championship when a knee injury put him on the shelf for the rest of the year.

Kevin returned to active competition early the next year under his real name as the mystery partner for Jake Faerkaine in his feud against James Renegade and Mark Lupine. It was the first time Jake publically acknowledged Kevin as his son. Jake and Kevin continued to team up after the feud, winning a tag team tournament for a shot at the NJWC Tag Team Championship. At the Supershow Black Christmas, Kevin and Jake defeated the team of Kid Kommando and Darrien Ashe for the titles. Their reign was cut short when Jake injured his back during a rematch against Kommando and Ashe, forcing the team to forfeit the titles.

With the breakup of the tag team, Kevin was pushed into the main event scene. He would defeat Barry Hoss once and James Renegade twice for the Heavyweight Championship, before signing with Atlantic Wrestling Federation in 2006.

---More to come---

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