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Kid Punk was a TNE Superstar with a Straight Edge gimmick.

Names Kid
Height 6'2
Weight 218lbs
Born October 26, 1978
Birthplace Chicago, IL
Died December 27,2012
Chicago, IL
Resides Chicago, IL
Billed from Chicago, IL
Trained by CM Punk
Debut 1999
Retired December 27,2012

Total Non-Stop Entertainment

Kid Punk is currently on TNE. On Episode 1 Punk was in a 6 man battle royal for the TNE Intercontinal Championship but was unsuccessful. In episode 2 Punk lost to Lewis Parks in a #1 Contenders match for the Intercontinal Championship. In episode 3 Punk lost his match against Gaz Tower. In episode 4 punk teamed up with Cody Meyers in a losing effort against the Luchadore Twins. The following week Punk teamed up with Cody Meyers and CJ in a losing effort against Gaz Tower, Tyson and Devon Aarons. At TNE Violence Punk gets a match for the TNE Intercontinal Championship. Punk lost the match.

Alliance with Cody Meyers (Team One)

In episode 7 Punk and Cody Meyers won a #1 Contenders match for the TNE Tag Team Championship against the Luchadore Twins, they will get their title shot at TNE Bash. Punk and Meyers became tag team champions by defeating Tyson & RSJ. In episode 8 Punk and Meyers teamed up with Dude in a losing effort against Tyson & RSJ and Devon Aarons. In the episode 9 Gauntlet Punk lost to the Lord of Darkness. At TNE Summerslam Tyson & RSJ cashed in their Rematch clause and Meyers & Punk reclaimed the Championships. In episode 10 he got drafted to Smackdown with Team One partner Cody Meyers. In episode 12 SmackDown Punk lost a TNE Lockdown qualifier against Poison Bee. At TNE Lockdown Team One defeated the Luchadore Twins. In episode 13 RAW Team One defeated Chris Jorgsten and Ross Samuel Jones by DQ to qualfly for TNE King of the Ring. The next Week Punk & Meyers lost their match against Lewis Parks and Lord of Darkness. On episode 16 Team One was attacked Backstage by Tyson & RSJ. On episode 17 Punk defeated Lewis Parks by countout.

Season 2

At TNE Wrestlemania Team One will defend their TNE Tag Team Championship against Devon Aarons & Gaz Tower.


On December 27, 2012, police declared that Kid ironically died of alcohol poisoning. However, Kid was actually murdered by Bastion, along with many other members of the TNE roster.

In Wrestling

Finishing Moves:

  • G.T.S
  • Anaconda Vice

Signature Moves:

  • Roundhouse Kick


  • The CM Rip-off

Tag Teams and Stables

Championships and accomplishments

Total Non-Stop Entertainment

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