King of the Bitches is a professional wrestling single-elimination tournament held by Story Mode Federation.
The 16 man tournament was held on different shows with the Final taking place at the Smackadown

  First Round Second Round Semifinals Final
 The Green Ranger Pin  
   The Green Ranger Pin  
   Mr. Wollenbump    
 Mr. Wollenbump Pin
 Burger King    
   Chris Lowell Pin  
   The Green Ranger    
 Colonel Sanders    
 MacGyver Pin  
   Chris Lowell Pin  
 Christopher Lowell Pin
   Chris Lowell Pin
   Randy Orton  
 Ultimate Bin Ladien Pin  
 Carl Winslow    
   Super Bin Ladien Pin
   Chuck Norris1    
 Mr Belvadere Pin
   Super Bin Ladien Pin
   Randy Orton    
 George Bush Pin  
 John Cena    
   George Bush  
   Randy Orton Pin  
 Randy Orton Pin
 Bob Saget    

1. ^ Chuck Norris substituted for Mr Belvadere after Mr Belvadere's death.

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