EWC King or Glory Series

The EWC King or Glory series, is EWC'S Bound for Glory series equivalent and usualy starts the first episode after the Backlash pay per view, and the winner will be decided at EWC Judgement Day.


Win Condition Points Given
Pinfall 5
Submission 20
Count Out
Knock Out 19
DQ -10
Time Limit Stoppage 2

King or Glory series 2014

Superstar Points
Abyss(Finalist) (only man to have 2 gimmicks in match) 30
Bobby Lashley(Eliminated 5th) 29
Tito Ortiz (Eliminated 2nd) 0
Jeff Hardy

(Eliminated 4th)

Austin Aries

(Eliminated 6th)

Rampage Jackson(Eliminated 1st) 0
Joseph Park (only man to have 2 gimmicks in match)

(Eliminated 3rd)

AJ Styles(Winner) 60
Winner:AJ Styles

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