Kingu of Hatsu is a Japanese professional caw wrestler trained by Shawn Michaels and currently working for New Japan Caw Wrestling (NJCW). Kingu of Hatsu is a 2 time World Champion having won the ICWGP Heavyweight Championship 2 times.

Kingu of Hatsu
Names Kingu of Hatsu
King of Hearts
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Weight {{{weight}}}
Born April 28, 1980
Birthplace Osaka, Japan
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Resides Osaka, Japan
Billed from Osaka, Japan
Trained by Shawn Michaels
Debut October 24, 2009
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New Japan Caw Wrestling

Kingu of Hatsu is the leader of the stable Shaffuru Arainsu with members Kuro Jo-ka, Jakku of Naiya, E-su of Suki, and Ku-in of Kaisho. Kingu of Hatsu made his first appearance at NJCW Episode 1 defeating Roi Kaen. On NJCW Episode 5 Kingu of Hatsu lost to Icedude in a great match. On NJCW Sounansha 2009 Kingu of Hatsu was in the Fatal 4 Way match to crown the first ICWGP Heavyweight championship but the title was won by Shawn O'Conner with both of them pinning at the same time. On NJCW Episode 16 Kingu of Hatsu was in his first main event in a Thriple Threat match to determine the number one contender for Shawn O'Conner's ICWGP Heavyweight Championship which he defeated Icedude and Brad "Iceman" Harris. At NJCW Harumagedon Kingu of Hatsu defeated Shawn O'Conner to become the new ICWGP Heavyweight Champion. On NJCW Episode 16 Kingu of ?Hatsu defended his ICWGP Heavyweight Championship in a Loser Gets Pinned Fired Fatal 4 Way Match against Brent Thompson, Jack McMicheals, and Mason Kronik but luckily Jack McMicheals got pinned and he was fired from New Japan Caw Wrestling.

World Championship Caw Wrestling

Hatsu signed with World Championship Caw Wrestling as an inring competitor and made his debut in the WCCW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament against fellow New Japan Caw Wrestling wrestler Ben Hitman and won when Hatsu pinned him and advanced to the next round of the tournament.

Championships and accomplishments

  • New Japan Caw Wrestling
    • ICWGP Heavyweight Championship (2 times)

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