LAW Universal Championship

The LAW Universal Championship is the most precious championship in LAW, the first champion was Blake Alert who won it, in a Triple Threat Steel Cage on the LAW pilot show.

Wrestler:  Reigns: Notes:
Blake Alert 1 Defeated Chris Hart and Devin Carnage in a Triple Threat Steel Cage Match

LAW Genesis Championship

The LAW Genesis Championship is one of the two world championship, it was vacanted on the first show.

Wrestler: Reigns: Notes:

LAW Internet Championship

The LAW Internet Championship is the one of the second tier championship, currently held by Paul King who was awarded the championship, prior to the pilot episode.

Wrestler: Reigns: Notes:
Paul King 1 Awarded the championship.

LAW Hardcore Championship

The Hardcore Championship is the other second tier championship.

Wrestler: Reigns: Notes:

LAW Women's Championship

The LAW Women's Championship is the one of the divisonal championships, and is currently held by Rebecca Moore.

Wrestlers: Reigns: Notes:
Rebecca Moore 1 Awarded the Championship.

LAW Tag Team Championship

 The LAW Tag Team Championship is the other divisional championships.

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