LA Flashes
Names James Ison, Jared Marty, Jordan Parks
Height James: 5’10, Jared : 5’11, Jordan: 5’6
Weight James: 199, Jared: 198, Jordan: 125 Total: 522 lbs
Born James: May 22 1990, Jared: March 2 1990, Jordan: July 1 1990 (all 18)
Birthplace all 3 Los Angeles California
Resides Los Angeles California
Billed from Los Angeles California
Trained by James and Jared: The Hardy Boys, Jordan: Trish Stratus and Jeff Hardy.
Debut 2008

The LA Flashes is professional wrestling Mix stable, which work for TXcW, and are the current Tag Team (James and Jared) and Womens (Jordan) Champions.

Life before wrestling

All 3 members have been friends there whole lives, there familys where good friends as well. James, Jordan and Jared always love wrestling when they where kids, they love to watch WCW, WWF (WWE), ECW. James and Jared would wrestle each other in there back yards and copy what they seen on TV, where Jordan was always the ref. When they finished High School they saved up enough money to go to a wrestling school, which was owned by there favorite wrestlers, Matt and Jeff Hardy. The Hardys also had former WWE Diva Trish to help train Jordan, when she wasn’t there Jeff trained her.


The 3 where looking for a work, in LA, New York and even had some try out matches with TNA, but they never found work. In May 2008 They went to Kentucky to visted James sick grandmother, there they meet fellow TXcW Superstar Big Daddy Bull. He told them about a new promotion that was opening in Kentucky, He was able to get them a try out match which they all pasted and got contracts.

When TXcW 1st Show, they had there 1st matches against The UN (Nick Hunter and Shawn Duster) For the Tag Team Titles They where squash badly in the match, then in week 3 Jordan lost a sqaush match to Amber Powers. They where about to quit when Bull was able to talk them out of it, the 1st TXcW Clash Jared Marty was in his 1st Single match against Johnny Westfall, which he won. Then after UN member Nick Hunter was injuried, James and Jared faced out against The Not Jobbers of Doom (Johnny and Huh) for the Tag Team Titles and Won. Then in Show 5 Jordan won the Womens Title. At Hollywood Showdown, The Flashes will face The UN for the titles.

Personal life

James and Jordan are on Screen and off Screen Boyfriend and Girlfrined, Jared is off Screen Dating Amy Wright The Sister of Michael and CJ Wrigh. They have all become good friends with Former World Champion Big Daddy Bull and have been known to go to bars with him.

All 3 are into Extreme Sports. James is big into surfing, James is Big into skateboarding and Jordan is big into bikeing.



  • TXcW Tag Team Champions current (James and Jared)
  • TXcW Womens Champion current (Jordan)


  • James: LA Driver ( Cradle suplex into a piledriver)
  • Jared: LA's Faith (Twist of Faith)
  • Jordan: LA Elbow (Top elbow drop)
  • Team: The LA Legs (James hits a Top Leg drop to the neck, as Jared hits a Leg drop into the gut, same a The Hardy Boyz Finisher)


  • Linkin Park: Somewhere I belong
  • No More Words by EndeverafteR

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