Darkness Rising
LOH Darkness Rising
Tagline(s) Let the darkness rise again.
A new champion will be known.
Promotion League of Honor
Date July 22, 2015
Venue American Airlines Center
City Dallas, TX
Theme Song "The World Belongs To Me" by Darkest Days
Last Event LOH Spring Disaster
Next Event LOH Warfare in Mute City




The Fallen (Shawn & Kenneth) (c) def. Cutie Mark Crusaders (Scootaloo & Sweetie Belle)

Tag Team match for LOH Tag Team Championship


Ben Hopkins def. Timmy Turner

Singles match


Killer Croc def. Brandon Wolfe

T-Bones Rules Match


Sunset Shimmer (c) def. El Galladio

Singles match for LOH Television Championship


Sawyer the Cleaner def. Apple Bloom

Tap Out or Knock Out match
{Scootaloo & Sweetie Belle are banned from ringside.}


Austin Juhasz def. Jack Stanbridge

Singles match for the vacant LOH World Championship

  • 2 - After the match, Ben continued the attack until Lucina saved Timmy, only to turn on him. Afterwards, Lucina strikes Ben on the ramp.
  • 4 - After the match, El Galladio attacked Sunset Shimmer from behind.
  • 5 - Revy and Roberta interfered during the match, attacking Apple Bloom.
  • 6- After the match, Tyler Watson attempted to cash in his Money in the Bank contract, only for Jack to stop him.