Nightmare Night
LOH Nightmare Night
Tagline(s) The Night Shall Last Forever
Promotion League of Honor
Date Pre-Show: December 4, 2015
Main Show: December 8, 2015
Venue Izod Center
City East Rutherford, NJ
Theme Song "Failure" by Breaking Benjamin
Last Event LOH Warfare in Mute City
Next Event tbd


Hell in a Cell match for the LOH World Championship:
Austin Juhasz (c) vs. Criss Striker

Last Woman Standing match:
Sawyer the Cleaner vs. Apple Bloom

T-Bones Rules match:
N vs. William Morgan

LOH Tag Team Championship:
Deadly Saints (Firestar Hart & Johnny Gat) (c) vs. Bullet Club (Brandon Wolfe & Justin Sane)

LOH Television Championship:
Sunset Shimmer (c) vs. Ben Hopkins


# Result Stipulation
Pre-Show 1 Killer Croc def. Kiyoshi Kokoro Singles Match
Pre-Show 2 The Fallen (Kenneth & Shawn) def. Cutie Mark Crusaders (Scootaloo & Sweetie Belle) Tag Team Match
1 Alex Hudson def. Emerald Flash (c) and Peter Pan Triple Threat Match for the LOH Z-Division Championship
2 N def. William Morgan T-Bones Rules
3 Jack Stanbridge & Hazama def. Black Lagoon (Revy & Roberta) Tag Team Match
4 Bullet Club (Justin Sane & Brandon Wolfe) def. Deadly Saints (Firestar Hart & Johnny Gat) (c) Tag Team Match for the LOH Tag Team Championship
5 Sawyer the Cleaner def. Apple Bloom Last Woman Standing Match to be determined the #1 Contender for LOH Television Championship
6 Ben Hopkins def. Sunset Shimmer (c) Singles Match for the LOH Television Championship
7 Calypso def. Nyx Fight Without Honor
8 Criss Striker def. Austin Juhasz (c) Hell In A Cell Match for the LOH World Championship
9 Tyler Watson def. Criss Striker (c) Singles Match via Watson cashing in his Money in the Bank
  • 2 - After the match, Calypso fires William Morgan before an assault on N and William Morgan is caused.
  • 3 - Jack Stanbridge's tag partner was revealed to be Hazama.
  • 4 - Firestar Hart didn't show up, as before the match, he was attacked by Shawn, and video footage was shown of the incident, after the match.
  • 5 - After the match, Scootaloo arrives causing Sawyer to flee. However, Apple Bloom turns on Scootaloo and Sawer joins in for a double team assault.
  • 6 - During the match to the end, Calypso distracts Sunset Shimmer, giving Ben the victory.
  • 8 - After the match, Tyler Watson assaults Striker and orders the ref to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase for the World Title.