Spring Disaster
LOH Spring Disaster
Tagline(s) Let the Madness Begin!
Promotion League of Honor
Date May 22, 2015
Venue Joe Louis Arena
City Detroit, MI
Theme Song "Let the Sparks Fly" by Thousand Foot Clutch
Last Event First cpv
Next Event LOH Darkness Rising


# Results Stipulations
Preshow 1 Cyber Sub Zero def. Micheal Money Singles match
Preshow 2 Lester Barkley (c) def. Thomas Carter Singles match for COH Pride Championship
1 Athena Cykes & Simon Blackquill def. Snowdrop & Trixie Lulamoon Tag Team match
2 Sunset Shimmer last eliminated El Galladio Battle Royal match for vacant LOH Television Championship
3 N def. Apple Bloom Fight Without Honor
4 The Fallen (c) def. The Deadly Saints Tag Team match for LOH Tag Team Championship
5 Tyler Watson def. Emerald Flash, Scootaloo, & Jack Stanbridge Money in the Bank Ladder match
6 Brock Lesnar (c) w/ Paul Heyman def. Criss Striker Singles match for LOH World Championship
  • 1- After the match, the Hunter attacked Trixie Lulamoon.
  • 3- After the match, Sawyer attacked Apple Bloom.
  • 6- During the match, the Hunter attacked Fluttershy on the rampway, distracting Criss.

Television Championship Battle Royal

Draw Entry Order Eliminated by
1 Timmy Turner 1 William Morgan
2 William Morgan 2 Brandon Wolfe
3 Brandon Wolfe 7 El Galladio
4 Nyx 4 Brandon Wolfe/Sunset Shimmer
5 Sweetie Belle 5 Brandon Wolfe/Sunset Shimmer
6 Travis Jackson 3 Brandon Wolfe
7 Sunset Shimmer Win N/A
8 Sawyer the Cleaner 6 Sunset Shimmer
9 El Galladio 9 Sunset Shimmer
10 Bill Black 8 El Galladio