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Lady Meow

Lady Meow (kabyface) is a caw wrestler currently signed with World CAW Wrestling (WCW). When she joined WCW in August of 2009, she was the manager of "The Crimson King" Jermaine Young. When Jermaine Young lost at February's Superbrawl, she left him and became one of the divas. After WCW relaunch in April, she became the manager of Lemarcus Carter.

World CAW Wrestling

Lady Meow started with WCW in August as the manager of "The Crimson King" Jermaine Young. Although she was his manager, the fans saw Jermaine and Lady Meow having the same kind of relationship that Ike and Tina Turner used to have back in the 60s and 70s. Fans saw Jermaine abuse Lady Meow on their way to the ring. Every time she tried to salute the crowd, Jermaine forces her to pay attention to him. He often calls her "his property." When Tikwan Coger and Jermaine Young were feuding in January before February's Superbrawl, he tried to hit Jermaine with a splash, but Jermaine pushed Lady Meow in the way, causing Tikwan to hit her with the splash. After Jermaine lost at Superbrawl, Lady Meow returned and slapped the taste out of his mouth and dumped him. When WCW returned from hiatus, she was seen with Lemarcus Carter. On seventh episode of The Main Event, Lady Meow won the Fatal Four Way and became the no. 1 contender to the Divas Champinship and faced Serena at WCW One Night Stand. At One Night Stand, Lady Meow hit the Meow Mix and defeated Serena to become the new Divas Champion. She would successfully defended her title at The Great American Bash as she defeated Mickie James after Mickie James was attacked by Genocide.

Championship and Accomplishments

WCW Divas Champion (1 time, current)

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