Leo Aires
Aires 2014
Names Leo Aires
Height 6'6
Weight 249 lbs
Born 24th December 1986 (Age 27)
Birthplace Mendoza, Argentina
Died {{{death_date}}}
Resides Mendoza, Argentina
Billed from Mendoza, Argentina
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Debut 31st December 2010
Retired {{{retired}}}

Leo Aires is a professional CAW wrestler and is currently working for MCW.

MCW (2010-present)

Undefeated Run & Unified MCW Champion (2010-2011)

Leo Aires

Aires in 2010.

Aires competed as an amateur in a few dark matches at CPV level before making his professional CPV debut at New Year Skirmish against Redline. This was a match that Aires would win with a Cutter as Redline was coming off the top rope. Aires entered the 2011 Rumble Match at #3 and went on to eliminate 4 men before being eliminated. At MCW 8, Aires defeated TCS in a match built around respect to continue his undefeated run to nearly 4 months. Aires was in the MCW Era 2011 main event in an elimination chamber match for the Unified MCW Championship against D.D Davis, John Maverick, K8, Infernus & Ray Kilik and made it to the final 2 before losing to Ray Kilik. Even after he was pinned by Kilik, Aires still states that he is undefeated in singles competition. Aires got another chance to win the Unified MCW Championship against Ray Kilik at MCW Thrive to Survive 2011 since Aires was the last man defeated in the Elimination Chamber match. After a quite 50/50 match, Aires won when D.D Davis interfered

Aires in 2011 as the Unified MCW Champion

by chucking a steel chair to Aires who hit Kilik with it while the referee was down causing Aires to get a pinfall victory to win the Unified MCW Championship meaning it took Aires only 7 months to win the world title, the shortest time in MCW History. Aires defended the Unified MCW Championship for the first time against C2Z & TCS at MCW Night of Legends 2011. Aires defeated K8 to defend the Unified MCW Championship but was defeated for the first time when Adrian J cashed in his Money in the Bank contract to win the Unified MCW Championship. Ending Aires' 9 month undefeated run.

The Future of MCW (2011-present)

Aires came out at MCW Immortal proclaiming that he was 'The Future of MCW', Aires issued an open challenge but was defeated by the shock return of Damien 666. These two then fought at MCW Revival in a No Disqualification match, which Aires lost. After the match Aires attempted a beatdown on Damien but ended up being chokeslammed through the announce table.

In Wrestling

  • Finisher Moves

Cutter (Sometimes from the top rope)

  • Signature Moves

Jumping Snapmare

Triple Vertical Suplex

  • Nicknames

The Pretty Boy

The Future of MCW

Championships and Accomplishments

1 time Unified MCW Champion

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