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Lester Barkley
Lester Barkley (COH) (1)
Birth name Sonniah Hammond
Resides Detroit, Michigan, USA MiniUnitedStatesFlag
Professional wrestling career
Height  ???
Weight  ??? lbs
Retired  ???


to be edited

CAW Wrestling Careers

COH Career

to be edited

YWF Career

to be edited

UCCW Career

to be edited

CXWI Career

to be edited

OCBF Career

to be edited

In Wrestling


  • World's Strongest Slam
  • Solid Investment (Book End)


  • Muscle Buster

Entrance Theme Song

1) "Cornered (Cadenza Remix)" by Ace Attorney (COH Only) - (former)

2) "The Chosen One" by A2 (COH and CXWI Only) - (current)

3) "Fight" by CFO$ (UCCW's GXT Only) - (current)

Championships and Accomplishments

1) COH Pride Championship - (1-Time; current)

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