Lioness Pro Spirit Championship
Current champion(s) Blackfire
Date Won April 25, 2015
League Lioness Pro (formerly Battle-X)
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Most reigns Blackfire (1)
First Champion Blackfire
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Other Name(s) Battle-X XXX-Division Championship
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The Lioness Pro Spirit Championship (formerly the BATTLE-X XXX-Division Championship) is a title contested under the Lioness Pro promotion. Formerly belonging to Battle-X, the title was moved and renamed when the female roster migrated to Lioness Pro.


The Spirit Championship had a controversial history. Once called the XXX-Division Championship, this name put massive scrutiny on the promotion. It was later discovered that the Sexxy Embassy were responsible for the naming process of the title. After the title and roster was brought to Lioness Pro, the title was renamed and remodelled to fit better the spirit and trueness of women's wrestling.


# Wrestler Reign Date Days
Location Event Successful defenses Notes
1 Blackfire 1 April 25, 2015 28 New York, New York Battle-X GoldenEye 0 Blackfire defeated Ibuki in a ladder match to be crowned the inaugural champion. The title was renamed and moved to Lioness Pro following this along with the entire female roster.
2 Dawn 1 May 23, 2015 1033+ Chicago Ridge, IL Battle-X Critically Endangered 0