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Here are the results of all the episodes that occur in the fifth season of BYU, eventually leading to Vendetta 2008.

BYU Episode 26

Date: January 15, 2008 Location: BYU Arena; Williamstown, New Jersey

Introduction to the new general manager of the Overdrive brand, The A.K..
  • Cadaverous defeated Anarchy.
  • Juvy defeated Slayer.
  • Ashley Dunn defeated M.T. Wallet.
Introduction to the new general manager of the Aftershock brand, The Babes In Business (April, Chloe and Destiny).
  • Vincent defeated Wrath in a non-title match.

BYU Thursday Night Mayhem II

BYU Overdrive Episode 1

BYU Aftershock Episode 1

BYU Overdrive Episode 2

BYU Aftershock Episode 2

BYU Overdrive Episode 3

BYU Aftershock Episode 3

BYU Overdrive Episode 4

BYU Aftershock Episode 4

BYU Vendetta 2008

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