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The following are all the inactive championship titles in New-WWE.

World Heavyweight Championship

See World Heavyweight Championship (New-WWE) for details

NXT Championship

See NXT Championship (New-WWE) for details

World Tag Team Championship

See World Tag Team Championship (New-WWE) for details

Divas Championship

See Divas Championship (New-WWE) for details

Women's Championship

See Women's Championship (New-WWE) for details

ECW Championship

The ECW Championship was the highest ranked title on the ECW brand. The first ECW Champion in the CAW adaptation of New-WWE was Matt Morgan. The final champion was Phil Collins, who had the most title wins.

Wrestler: Times: Notes: Brand:
Matt Morgan 1 Defeated Evan Bourne, Zack Ryder, Kage, Matt Hardy, and SBC Kozlov in an Elimination Chamber Match at Survivor Series ECW
Title vacated when Morgan was not re-signed following New-WWE's first hiatus
Matt Hardy 1 Defeated William Regal and John Morrison on ECW. ECW
John Morrison 1 Defeated Matt Hardy at No Way Out ECW
Phil Collins 1 Defeated John Morrison on ECW Raw
The Crippler 1 Defeated Phil Collins at Cyber Sunday NAW
TRS 1 Defeated The Crippler at Judgment Day 2 ECW
Mr. Mac 1 Defeated Phil Collins, Mr. MITB, and Jeff Winninger to win the vacant title on ECW. ECW
Phil Collins 2 Defeated Mr. Mac at Night of Champions ECW

Hardcore Championship

The Hardcore Championship was a title that was once exclusive to the Superstars one-shot matches, and was later featured on ECW as its second highest ranked championship. On Superstars, its gimmick was that it could feature talent not under New-WWE contract. The first champion was Jason Hawkinz, and the final champion was The Wingmaster.

Wrestler: Times: Notes: Brand:
Jason Hawkinz 1 Defeated R-Truth, Shawn Dynasty, Kage, Mr. Mac, and Jeff Winninger in a Battle Royal. Guest
Dylan Connell 1 Defeated El Jefe, Jason Hawkinz, and Ryan ReX in a Fatal Four Way TLC Match. Raw
El Jefe 1 Defeated Dylan Connell in a Cuban First Blood Match DCO
Jason Hawkinz 2 Defeated El Jefe on Superstars Guest
Brent Harvanator 1 Defeated Jason Hawkinz, Mr. MITB, and Gunner Fatu Jr. on ECW. ECW
Mr. MITB 1 Defeated Brent Harvanator at Judgment Day 2 ECW
Damar 1 Defeated Mr. MITB at Breaking Point ECW
Brent Harvanator 2 Defeated Damar at Night of Champions ECW
The Wingmaster 1 Defeated Harvanator and navgtr on ECW. ECW
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