The following is a list of professional wrestlers, referees, announcers, and other personnel who currently work for the San Francisco, California based Elite Dynasty Federation (EDF) wrestling promotion owned by Blackrose Inc.

Employees and management listed are organized according to their role in the company. The ring name of each employee appears in the first column, while their real name is in the second column.

Wrestlers who are inactive due to injury, or not appearing on either the EDF YouTube shows (EDF Livewire or EDF Showtime), PPV, or web match shows for a great deal of time are noted in the third column.



Lemarcus Carter



Greengrich New Breed Champion

Michael Greengrich


Evan O'Shea & James Blazer


Miles Martinez


Ring Name Real Name Notes
Andrew Hunter Andrew Hunter Also appears in DFW
Brent Delivine Brent Harvey
Chris Corre Christopher Corremont Also appears in DFW
David Erro David Erro Also appears in DFW
Evan O'Shea Andrew Green Tag Team Champion
Gage Grayson Bruce Chisholm
Haduken Tom Knook Also appears in DFW
Hijo Del Reyes unknown
James Blazer Casey Monesmith Tag Team Champion
Jacob Robinson Jacob Robinson
John Blackrose John Blackrose
Josh McCloud Josh McCloud Also appears in DFW
Lemarcus Carter Lemarcus Carter Universal Heavyweight Champion
Louden Styles Mailk Brown
Michael Greengrich Alexander Green New Breed Champion
Mikey Michael Hagopian
Miles Martinez Miles Martinez Tag Team Champion
Poison Bee Nathan Herring
Ryan Maclean Brian Patrick
Smokey Dusty Walker North American Champion
Tyler King Tyler King

Broadcast team

Ring Name Real Name Notes
Kyle Wright Kyle Wright Commentator
Richard Jensen Richard Jensen Ring Announcer
Sharron Riley Sharron Riley Interviewer
Emily O'Shea

EDF General Manager Emily O'Shea

Other on air talent

Ring Name Real Name Notes
Emily O'Shea Emily Robertson General Manager of EDF

Developmental roster

Ring Name Real Name' Notes
Esteban Mondragon Steven Araña Yet to appear on DFW
Theodore Williams Theodore Williams Yet to appear on DFW

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