The NCWA World Heavyweight Championship is a professional caw wrestling world heavyweight championship in the National Championship Wrestling Alliance.

Title History

# Wrestler Times Date Days Held Location Event Notes
1 Toshi 1 November 22, 2009 36 Tokyo, Japan NJCW Sounansha 2009
2 Rock Darson 1 December 27, 2009 11 Osaka, Japan NJCW Harumagedon 2009
3 Reaper X 1 January 6, 2010 40 Tokyo, Japan NJCW Caw Kingdom I The match was an inferno match
4 Mr. Anderson 1 February 14, 2010 140 New York City, New York NJCW Sakoju 2010
5 Ku-ro Joka 1 June 20, 2010 1+ Hiroshima, Japan NJCW Kyoukudo 2010

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