El Rojo Mexico got 4 Championship reigns under his career in WEDF. Making him the person with the most Sub-Heavyweight titles held.

This was a list of Vivianverse Sub Heavyweight Champions before the 'Verses disbanding in September 2015. This list is for championships that are usually contested by Cruiserweights, but in other cases (such as the WEDF TV Championship, BRAWL United States Championship, IWT Legends Championship, & Jeri-MAX Light Heavyweight Championship), the champions can be heavyweights. The Active Championships that came under this are the following:, Note that DCWL is not part of this list:-

The List


Evan O'Shea has won three sub-heavyweight titles in his CAW career..


Stardust is a three time WCW Crusierweight Champion


Evan Bourne has won the WEDF Crusierweight and Television Championships

Chavo Guerrero

Chavo Guerrero is a 2x time WEDF Television Champion

Wrestler Total of Reigns
El Rojo Mexico 4
Evan O'Shea 3
Stardust 3
Evan Bourne 2
Chief Truro 2
Ethan Sander 2
Billy Yank 2
Darren Tate 2
Chavo Guerrero 2
Cid Phoenix 1
The Miz 1
Zach Starr 1
Swagg3r 1
Paul London 1
Kane 1
Matt Eichorn 1
Jason Matthews 1
Trey Owens 1
Mountie Otto 1
Tyger Mask 1
Santino Marella 1
Chase Burger 1
Coca Cola Can 1
Immortal Steven 1
Devil Goat 1
El Jefe 1
Ho 1
Jesus Habinero 1
Matt Hardy 1
Oshujax 1
Steven Santos 1
Sultan Shetty 1
The Rock 1
Sin Cara 1
Rey Mysterio 1
The Dark Star 1
Dwayne Matthews 1
Skippy Pearls 1
Sandwich Armdrag 1
Biff Andreas 1
Bludgeon 1
TAKA Michinoku 1
Hijo Del Reyes 1
Book AKI Man 1
Emily O'Shea 1
Stevie Ray 1
Daniel Bryan 1
Cesaro 1
Shelton Benjamin 1
Ricky Halim 1
Hijo Jaguar III 1
e Lists of Vivianverse Champions
Titles: World · Midcard · Tag Team · Sub-Heavyweight · Women

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