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Somebody needs to keep a low profile. (Maria Lopez, 14 time Womens Champion)

This was a list of Vivianverse Women Champions before the 'Verses disbanding in September 2015. The championships that came under this are the following:-

The List

Michelle McCool image

Michelle McCool is a 8 time Women's Champion


Lillith Miller is a 6 time Women's Champion


Yuna is a six time women's champion

Wrestler Total of Reigns
Maria Lopez 14
Michelle McCool 8
Pam 6
Lillith Miller 6
Yuna 6
Dollface 5
Janice Miller 4
Layla 4
Miley Cyrus 3
Rebecca Diago 3
Tifa 3
Dani Gibbons 3
Danielle Bryan 3
Sheena Marie 2
Barbra Streisand 2
Melina 2
Maryse 2
Maria 1
The Woman in the Red Dress 1
Linda McSeven 1
Trish Stratus 1
Lady Meow 1
Ariel Summers 1
Natalya 1
Hilary Duff 1
Victoria 1
Mike Dawson [1] 1
Kana 1
Rachel 1
Jennifer Hudson 1
Brooke Hogan 1
Kharma 1
Eve 1
Erica Matthews 1
Ruby 1
Paca 1
Barbie Jay Tucker 1
Whitnique 1
Brie Bella 1
Lita 1
Kaitlyn 1
Summer Rae 1
Ginger 1
Mayara Graciela 1
Paige 1
Liz 1
Athena Snow 1


  • 1:^Whilst Mike Dawson is a man, the only competition he could possibly hope for a fair fight is in the women's division
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Titles: World · Midcard · Tag Team · Sub-Heavyweight · Women

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