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This is a list of World CAW Wrestling's list of champions. This is a list of champions from when WCW became a caw fed earlier in 2010.

WCW ChampionshipEdit

The "Holy Grail" of the company, the WCW Championship.

WCW Championship Belt

The First Champion of WCW when it became a CAW Fed was Lemarcus Carter. He held on to the title until WCW Slamboree when he lost the WCW Championship to John Cena in a Steel Cage Match. At the next CPV, WCW Spring Stampede, John Cena was supposed to participate in the Championship Scramble, but David Otunga attacked him and left him unable to participate. The tile was vacated and Tikwan Coger was chosen to take his place. At the Scramble, Tikwan became the WCW Champion when, after he pinned Drew McIntyle with 20 second left, Goldberg close-lined the referee just as Lemarcus Carter pinned TBD, giving Coger the win. Coger successfully defended his title at One Night Stand and defeated Shawn Michaels. Since the split of WCW, the WCW Championship became the property of The Main Event.

Wrestler: Times: Date No. of Days Held Notes:
Lemarcus Carter 1 April 16, 2010 4
John Cena 1 April 20, 2010 22
Tikwan Coger 1 May 12, 2010 124
Edge 1 September 13, 2010 32
John Cena 2 October 15, 2010 30 Merges the World Heavyweight Champion with WCW Championship
Batista 1 November 14, 2010 31
Randy Orton 1 December 15, 2010 0
Rick Acid 1 December 15, 2010 132
Suspect 1 April 26, 2011 68
Stone Cold Steve Austin 1 July 2, 2011 222 The title was vacated on the February 7th, 2012
Stone Cold Steve Austin 1 (continued) March 19, 2012 1764+ Title was reactivated

World Heavyweight ChampionshipEdit

The World Heavyweight Championship, Prime Time's Champion, will be decided at WCW The Great American Bash.

World Heavyweight Championship
Wrestler: Times: Date No. of Days Held Notes:
Lemarcus Carter 1 July 27, 2010 69
John Cena 1 October 4, 2010 11 Title Merged With WCW Championship

October 11, 2010

Lex Luger 1 August 28, 2011 41 Reactivated for Thunder
The Miz 1 October 8, 2011 125 Defeated Lex Luger at WCW Sin
Deactivated February 10, 2012 Deactivated when WCW is closed down
Goldberg 1 April 8, 2012 100 Reactivated; Defeated Lex Luger, Kevin Nash & DDP at Rebirth. Goldberg replaced CM Punk in the match
Deactivated July 17, 2012 Deactivated when WCW is closed down
Mean Mark Callous 1 October 14, 2012 0 Reactivated; CM Punk in the Tournament Final
Michael Phelps 1 October 14, 2012 39 Defeated Mean Mark Callous at WCW Thunder
Stan Hansen 1

November 22, 2012

1516+ Defeated Michael Phelps at WCW Turkey Day Spectacular

World Tag Team ChampionshipEdit

World Tag Team Championship

The WCW World Tag Team Championship, which can be defended on either show (The Main Event and Prime Time).

The first champions are Matt & Jeff Hardy. They lost the titles to Jack Chatman & Jalin Brown (Cash Money Millionaires). However, they were stripped of the titles after Jalin Brown left WCW. Cid & Paul Phoenix became the World Tag Team Champions after winning the tournament, which was not seen on The Main Event. But they lost to CM Punk & Luke Gallows (the Straight Edge Society) at WCW Spring Stampede. They successfully defended the titles against the Hardys on Prime Time

Wrestlesr: Times: Date No. of Days Held Notes:
Cid & Paul Phoenix 1 April 16, 2010 4
Straight Edge Society 1 April 20, 2010 113 Titles were vacated on August 11th, 2010
The Damage Gauge 1 October 4, 2010 93 Titles were vacated on January 5th, 2010
The Random Mexican KKK Members 1 March 30, 2011 316 Titles were vacated on February 7th, 2012

WCW United States ChampionshipEdit

The WCW United States Championship. The secondary title on Prime Time.

WCW United States Championship

The first champion was Lil Fly, and he defeated The Demon twice (at Slamboree and in an Inferno Match at Spring Stampede). Lil Fly also defeated TBD at WCW One Night Stand. After seeing Sultan Shetty attack his older brother, Tikwan Coger, on The Main Event, Lil Fly challenged Sultan Shetty and he put the U. S. Title on the line. But Lemarcus Carter attacked Lil Fly in the locker room and that attacked cost him the title as Sultan Shetty became the new United States Champion after making Lil Fly tap out to the Channai Choke.

Wrestler: Times: Date No. of Days Held Notes:
Lil Fly 1 April 16, 2010 67
Sultan Shetty 1 June 22, 2010 104
Scott Steiner 1 October 4, 2010 72
Sultan Shetty 2 December 15, 2010 125
Bret Hart 1 April 19, 2010 296 Title was vacated on February 7th 2012
AJ Styles 1 March 19, 2012 21
Evan O'Shea 1 April 8, 2012 1744+ Defeated AJ Styles at Judgment Day

WCW Cruiserweight ChampionshipEdit

The WCW Cruiserweight Championship. The secondary title on The Main Event.

WCW Cruiserweight Championship

The Cruiserweight Champion is Stardust. He defeated Kenta at Spring Stampede and Paul Phoenix in a Ladder Match at One Night Stand.

Wrestler: Times: Date No. of Days Held Notes:
Stardust 1 April 16, 2010 102
Cid Phoenix 1 July 27, 2010 15
Stardust 2 August 11, 2010 54
TX3 1 October 4, 2010 42
The Miz 1 November 14, 2010 286
VACATED August 28, 2011 Vacated after the Miz failed to defend his title in a long time
Rey Mysterio 1 August 28, 2011 41
Stardust 3 October 8, 2011 118
Bryan Davis 1 April 13, 2012 1739+

WCW Divas ChampionshipEdit

The WCW Divas Championship, which can be defended on either show (The Main Event and Prime Time)

WCW Divas Championship

The first Divas Champion was Trish Stratus. She lost the title to Serena at WCW Slamboree. Serena successfully defended her title at WCW Spring Stampede as she defeated Trish Stratus. But she lost her title to Lady Meow at WCW One Night Stand after Lady Meow hit her finisher, the Meow Mix. The title would be held up after Lady Meow was released from the company. Ariel Summers would win the belt on a episode of Saturday Night.

WCW Intercontinental ChampionshipEdit

The WCW Intercontinental Championship, which can be defended on either show (The Main Event and Prime Time)

WCW Intercontinental Championship

The first champion is Evan Bourne after winning the Battle Royal on The Main Event by eliminating Jesse right after both he and Jesse eliminated TBD.

Wrestler: Times: Date No. of Days Held Notes:
Evan Bourne 1 June 17, 2010 40
Rick Acid 1 July 27, 2010 92
Haduken 1 October 27, 2010 142
Steven Spriter 1 March 21, 2011 36
Matt Eichorn 1 April 26, 2011 289 The title was vacated on February 7th 2012

WCW Television ChampionshipEdit

The WCW Television Championship is exclusive to the Thunder brand of WCW.
Wrestler: Times: Date No. of Days Held Notes:
Steven Spriter 1 August 28, 2011 228
David Erro 1 April 13, 2012 31
Bryan Coger 1 May 14, 2012 1708+

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