Lord Triple aka Paul Bossy is a CAW Pro Wrestler best known for his time in ABW and HWA. 

John Paul Peterson"
Lord Triple
Names Paul Bossy

John Paul Peterson

Height 6'3
Weight 283lbs
Born Feb 16 1965
Birthplace Phoenix,Arizona
Died {{{death_date}}}
Resides Phoenix,Arizona
Billed from Phoenix,Arizona
Trained by Killer Koulavshaw
Debut June 18, 1987
Retired {{{retired}}}

Personal Life

Paul was a very social kid very popular wrestled played football and many other sports. Then his life turned around when he met HWA Legend Killer Koulavshaw at a airport in Pheonix Killer was impressed with Pauls skills and the way he acted then just 2 weeks later on the date of June 18 1987 he signed a contract with HWA.


Paul would start up under the ring name John Paul Peterson. He had a Jake The Snake Roberts gimmick with the exception of the snake part. He would be undefeated then HWA brought him to the big leagues.

Starting in HWA

He basically had the sametype of gimmick and name and undefeated. John Paul would have his first major fued with Matt The Dragon Steamboat. Peterson would give Steamboat a Concussion with a DDT on the concreate Floor. Then at the 1989 Summerslam The 2 would have the first ever Steel Cage match in Summerslam history which John Peterson won the match then the 2 would brawl around the arena. Steamboat would end the fued at Saturday Nights Main Event in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match in 2 straight falls. Peterson would win his first championship the Untied States Championship. Would have the belt for 7 monthes would lose it because of injurie. Paul would suffer a broken Clavicle and a broken Quad because of a car acciedent. Paul would be out of action for almost 5 years.

The Return

Paul would return under the ring name Triple M he would have a Big Fued with Booker B when Triple screwed over him with a brutal shot with a Slegehammer shot. This would set up Booker B vs Triple M at The Survivor Series this match would end by a No Contest when they brawled into the parking lot where Triple M would run over Booker B and would leave the arena. Triple M would brag for what he did to Booker B , Then the owner of HWA Vincent Bischoff came out and said that Triple M will face Booker B at Aramageddon inside 15 foot high Steel Cage match. That match started outside the cage where Booker B chokeslamed Triple M threw the electrical crcital board. But that did not matter to Booker be broght Triple M back inside s the cage and the actally match began. Booker just beat the holy snot of Triple then Booker put Triple M on the top of the cage and hit the Chokeslam off it. Then other next couple months Triple M would form Degeration - X with Mike Warrior.


Friends in low places by Garth Brooks


Tripler (Back Suplex)

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