Luchas de Apuestas (literally translated from Spanish to fight of bets) are matches where both wrestlers wager something specific (the mask or hair) on the outcome. The loser of the match then loses the item, being forced to take off the mask or be shaved bald. It's also possible for a wrestler to put someone else's item on the line, with the same stipulation applying in the event of a loss. These matches have a storied history in Mexico. Upon unmasking it's not unheard of for a wrestler's real name and information to be published. As a form of further humiliation, the loser can be forced to physically hand the mask he just lost to the winner.

Types of wagers

The most popular types of wager are the mask of a masked wrestler or the hair of a non-masked wrestler, most commonly put against each other in Mask vs. Mask (in Spanish: Máscara contra Máscara), Mask vs. Hair (Máscara contra Cabellera), or Hair vs. Hair (Cabellera contra Cabellera) matches. Throughout Mexico, when a masked wrestler loses their mask, they are not allowed to compete under a mask with that same gimmick. In addition to masks and hair, championships, or careers—as a form of retirement match—can be put up as the wager in any combination.

If a wrestler is betting his hair, and already has a very long head of hair (e.g. going all the way down to their shoulders), they may only get it cut shorter, rather than have it shaved completely.

Luchas de Apuestas

Wager Winner Loser Caw League/Event Date Notes
Mask/Hair Alan Jasso Wild Lobo WCCW Hardcore Stand 2009 August 16, 2009 This was called "The Final Chapter" between the two cousins
Hair/Hair Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake Dylan Connell Jeri-MAX Episode 9 (WARP) January 14th, 2010 Non-Title Match (Beefcake was Intercontinental Champion)

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