Rebbelion Was MCF's 5th Mega Event Which Took Place In The Quicken Loans Arena In Cleveland Ohio

Wario & Waluigi Defeat Mario & Luigi To Retain The MCF Tag Team Championship Waluigi Pinned Luigi After The Waluigi Splash

Fizz Defeats Hermionie To Win The MCF Women's Championship Fizz Pins Hermionie After The Fizz Affect

Ed Edd N Eddy Defeats Sonic,Tails & Knuckles Eddy Pins Sonic After The Cash Maker

Mr Clean Defeats Eminem This Was Mr Clean's MCF Debut Mr Clean Pins Eminem After The Cleany Press

Jason Voorhess Defeats The Hulk Jason Pinned The Hulk After The Crystal Lake Slam After The Match,Freddy Kruegar Attacked Jason

Mark Hollander Defeats Homer Simpson,Barney & Dexter To Retain The MCF Internet Championship Hollander Pins Dexter After Lightning Splash

Rhino Defeats Goku To Win The MCF Championship In A Cleveland Street Fight Rhino Pins Goku After The Penalty Shoot Out After The Match Milo & Jake Returned And Attacked Rhino

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